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Jeunesse Anion Napkins: Where Hygiene Meets Comfort

Whenever women have their period, the only companion that stays day and night with the them is the sanitary napkin. Aside from the usual feeling and the discomfort it can probably put to a woman, there is also the concern for hygiene after having their period. The proper use of a Sanitary napkin is essential to count on their hygiene, especially after a period flow.

Among the various brands available in the market, Jeunesse Anion is a very reliable name. This brand makes women feel fresh, clean and comfortable during that time of the month. Jeunesse Anion Napkins are special because of their unique features. One of the prominent reasons is the use of an Anion chip in the Jeunesse Anion Sanitary napkins. Because of the chip, the napkin remains bacteria free; anion also reduces the discomfort during the menstruation and keeps the napkin odour free. After coming in contact with moisture, the anion chip in the Jeunesse Anion Napkins releases the negative ions, which help eliminating the discomfort and brings a pleasant experience.

Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins: Quick Absorption to Bring Relief from Wetness

The Inner layers of Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins are made of dirt-free and sterilized pulp material that gives the napkin an additional boost of softness. Apart from this, each pad contains a super absorbent polymer that provides superior liquid retention. As a result, even the heaviest day remains leak free for the pad and tension free for the user.

The bottom layer of the Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins is breathable, thus providing more freshness. Due to the air flowing through it freely, the wet feeling takes a backdoor and leaves the user feel dry. In a bulk pack of Jeunesse Anion Napkins, each napkin is in turn wrapped separately to be away from dirt and bacteria. In fact, its packaging is pretty reliable and unique. It is made of aluminum foil, aiming at keeping moisture and bacteria away. This also makes carrying the pad easier while travelling. The glue used is a non-toxic one, unlike the industrial glue. So safety has been taken care of by the brand. With periods on and having Jeunesse Anion pads as the company, no one should worry about stains or leaks or wetness.

Why choose the Jeunesse Anion?

  • Jeunesse Anion Napkins is one of the most reliable brands with the unique feature of anion in it.
  • It keeps the user tension its quick absorption capability and no wetness.
  • Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins make the perfect friend for all women during those days of the month, irrespective of their profession and age.