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Eureka Rice Cookers: Making Delicious Fluffy Rice Was Never So Easy

Eureka Rice Cookers are manufactured by Eureka Philippines, a premium provider of quality home appliances runs with various departments of different specialization to ensure outstanding product quality standards. Eureka Rice Cookers come in various shapes and sizes. These electric rice cookers are available in primarily three sizes namely 1L, 1,5L and 1.8L. These cookers operate with wattages of 400W, 500w and 700W. For the larger requirement, Eureka Rice Cookers caters to 5.6L and operates with 2000W. Some of the models of Eureka Rice Cookers have chemically treated, non-stick surfaces to make cleaning easy. Aluminium is also a popular option other than the natural option like steel and clay. Some of the models boast more features than others. They come with options for brown rice, porridge etc. Eureka Rice Cookers have a clock and timer that adds to a convenience. The higher end models even feature digital screens for detailed options and settings.

Eureka Rice Cookers now take cooking convenience to the next level and allow one to steam some veggies, broccoli or barbecue some meat and have a healthy, fresh, affordable home cooked meal in minutes. The higher end models come with special cooking settings make cooking soups, stews and even steaming vegetables and meats simple with a push of a button thereby accommodating multipurpose needs.

Eureka Rice Steamer, Made Available Online in the Philippines

Eureka Rice Steamer feature special steaming trays which double as crock pots and pressure cookers. One can prepare all of the ingredients in the morning, set the timer and have a well-balanced scrumptious meal waiting when one gest home. The self-winding plug stores internally and never gets in the way thus making things more convenient and reduces chance of tripping over. There's also a removable container to catch spill water from the lid. It comes with Tempered Glass Lid which is durable and allows one to look in at rice during cooking with a cool-touch plastic handle for easy removal. Eureka Rice Steamer comes with a steaming basket which allows one to make healthy meals with vegetables, fish. It also has removable non-stick bowl which is completely removable for easy dishwasher clean-up. Eureka Rice Steamer lets off steam at the perfect pace with a small vent in the lid.

Preparing dinner is no longer a boring chore with Eureka Rice Steamer. It takes just twenty to thirty minutes to cook the rice. Once the cooking in complete, the automatic warm function keeps the delicious, fluffy rice warm and ready to serve at a later time. While the built-in holder positions the lid conveniently on either of the side handles, the multi-coloured lights show when the unit is cooking rice or keeping it warm. The steaming basket allows one to prepare healthy meals with vegetables, fish, and much more. Clean-up is a breeze with the dishwasher-safe, non-stick bowl and tempered glass lid. One can use the cooker to prepare soups, stews, and oatmeal. It has a plastic vegetable steamer and a separate steam button for steaming vegetables. One can steam vegetables on its own without cooking any rice. One may also cook both rice and vegetables at the same time.

Why choose the Eureka Rice Cookers?

  • Eureka Rice Cookers are one of the largest selling rice cooker in Philippines.
  • Eureka Rice Cookers offer value for money with their affordable products.
  • Eureka Rice Cookers come with many features that makes rice preparation very interesting.