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Make Learning a Fun Part of Everyday Play with Reading Toys

Letting your child learn through books, reading and writing toys can be very productive. If kids are provided with a creative way to study, it makes the process of studying much more enjoyable for them. Reading toys are creative tools that help enhance your kid’s memory and that too in an enjoyable way. Flashcards for kids are quite popular as they are a playful way to introduce new words, numbers, and images to your children. Flashcards make it easier for kids to maximize the benefits of repetition and improve their memorization skills. Using these toys helps kids to stimulate their brain cells during the most cognitive and active period of their learning cycle. Flashcards of different images including birds, animals, shapes, vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc are available which are made using soft materials and are thus easy to carry.

Early educational study toys also include tablets which are made up of ABS material using exquisite workmanship. They are non-toxic, eco-friendly, durable and easy to carry. The smart tablet can shift between letter mode, spell mode, word and ask mode which teaches kids about numbers, letters and words along with sounds and images and makes learning more interesting and comprehensive for them. They have foldable stands which offer a comfortable learning environment. The tablet operates on AA batteries and the colorful keys are sensitive to touch and improve your kid’s color recognition. You can also avail the puzzle card for your kids as it is a good toy for child-parent play. These reading toys are made of thick, durable cards that are non-toxic, safe and environment-friendly. These bright colored cards have different themes that help to improve their hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and knowledge.

Enhance Your Kid’s Learning Pattern with Writing Toys

There are various writing toys that can be used to make learning fun for kids. There are drawing boards which are educational and therapeutic as well. The magnetic board has a black and a white side where your child can draw or write using colored pens or chalks. It comes with magnetic shapes, letters, symbols and other figures which your child can use on the board to form words or small sentences. These boards are also easy to clean up using a small eraser that comes with it or by using a damp cloth. They are available in various sizes and is portable, space saving and easy to carry. Made of quality wood, they are thus durable, long lasting and safe for your kids.

Diaries, journals, and notebooks are also some of the writing toys available in the Philippines which help in improving the strokes in handwriting and drawing skills. They have beautiful covers which are interesting and visually appealing to the kids and the paper is also of good substance quality.