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Racquet Sports for Healthy Body and Mind

There is a definite link between longevity and sports especially games involving racquet such as ping-pong, tennis, racquetball, badminton, and squash among others. It offers effective cardiovascular workouts with simultaneous strength development in the lower and upper body. You can play this game at all ages and modify this based upon the fitness level of the player. Such sports do not involve much equipment and lead to lateral movement of the body. Games involving racquets keeps you moving from side to side along with a back and forth movement. It improves weight shifting and balance, of the athlete.

Racquet sports enhance the reaction time and hand-eye coordination as the players keep their focus on the ball, positioning the body to return the shot. With time, the dexterity and motor coordination increases. It works major group of muscles in your body enhancing the all-around strength, joint flexibility, and trunk rotation. You realize the benefits of such sports activities in your routine when getting out of bed, chair, or car. Increased strength of the body assists in lifting heavy objects, walking longer, and climbing stairs. Besides the exercise of your body, it is a great workout for your mind as well sharpening the decision-making and planning skills.

Develop Teamwork Skills and Keep Fit with the Racquet Games

Racquet games also have fantastic social component as here you are playing against people in the singles game or as part of a doubles team. Play with your friends or join league the aim is to get outdoors and become active. Hybrid sports involving racquets are getting popular these days such as pickle-ball blending ping-pong and tennis among others. Play such sports at any age to enjoy the benefits. To get started you need just a simple racquet. It promotes healthy living in children developing motor skills and coordination. As the body of the child develops constantly, the coordination needs to grow with physical development as well.

Racquet games make the children work upon the motor skills relative to the projectile. This keeps them continually mobile; maintain an appropriate distance from the projectile, with movements for sending this to the opponent again. It also improves balance and muscle strength in young people with core strengthening and hip rotation. Muscle strengthening enables children to acquire a sense of balance crucial because of the rapid development of the body. There is an emphasis on maintaining balance continually transferring weight from the right to the left leg, landing, jumping, constant replacement, and placement. Sports involving the racquet also help to develop the eyesight as the associated projectiles have varied trajectories. The shuttlecock can drop or fly flat in badminton, go cross-court, or straight. The same thing happens with table tennis or tennis balls. Children also develop communication skills and understand the importance of teamwork especially when playing in a doubles game. The racquets facilitate the psychological development of the child as well besides the physical.