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Printers are More than Peripheral Device

The art of printing had been developed quite a while ago, but they are nothing compared to the modern printers that are available today. With the help of modern printers, thousands of pages can be printed within a few minutes. The technology has helped improved most of the sectors and printers can be said to be one of them. Over the years, the printers have developed and there are different types of designs available today which are dependent on different internal mechanisms. Printers can print on different printable materials like papers and plastics in the form of text or images. The first design for the computer printer was proposed by Charles Babbage for the difference engine that he had created in the 19th century, but it was only in 2000, that this design was given shape.

The first electronic printer that the world saw was developed by a Japanese company Epson in the year 1968. The need for faster speeds led to the development of new systems that were specially designed to be used with computers. The daisy wheels were developed which were quite similar to the typewriters, followed by the line printers that could produce similar output at higher speeds. Though this printer developed the capability to mix text and graphics, it produced relatively low-quality output, which was fixed by plotters that came in handy for high-quality line art like the printing of blueprints.

Computer Printers Totally Changed the Art of Modern Printing

The computer printers have totally modernized the concept of using printers in sync with computers, thus making it easy for users to develop printable work with the help of computer systems. One of the most important discovery was that of the laser printers. These laser printers could mix text and graphics, but with a quality that could only be achieved with the help of commercial typesetting systems. This totally changed the scenario as the simple printing tasks like brochures and the like could be created and printed through personal computers. Thus the expensive printing systems became useless. The inkjet systems displaced the dot-matrix and the daisy wheel systems. With the turn of the century, high-quality printers became available at a very low price.

Computer printers are now becoming more of an option today due to the growing commonness of the electronic devices. Emails have become so common these days that it has totally displaced the need for creating physical documents. Keeping a physical backup has almost become redundant today and thus the traditional printers are no more a peripheral device according to most definitions. Printers are now becoming common for printing artwork and for other specialized purposes.
Modern printers include several varieties of the most common liquid inkjet ones, the toner-based printers, solid ink printers, thermal printers and the dye sublimation printers. The impact printers, line printers, daisy wheel printers, dot matrix printers and even the plotters have become totally obsolete today.