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Power Tools for Homes and Shops

Power tools make almost any task easier and faster, that’s why having a couple of these items on your tool kit is luxury especially in home improvements. But these products doesn’t only excel on household choirs, but will also help you on your shop duties and jobs. And with so many of them on the market, selecting the right power tool for the job is the hardest thing consumers have to deal with, matters after the purchase such as how to use the item and finishing the job itself will be easy and comfortable.

Different Power Tools for you

The different hand tools that should be in every person’s collection are power drills, saws, routers, sanders and grinders. All of these items have their own types, designs and functions but all of which will help its user in getting the job done, not to mention knowing exactly the difference between a job done right and a botched project. Even with these functions offered by these items, always be certain to use power tools in the manner they were intended and never play around with it. Safety first!

    Planer and Grinder

  • Types: Belt Grinder, Bench Grinder, Tool and Cutter Grinder, Cylindrical Grinder and Surface Grinder are the models you can look for to have a well finished job
  • Uses: These items are mostly used in modifying, styling, or smoothing rough edges of wood and metal materials. Planers are used solely for smoothing rough parts while grinders are for surface preparing as well but can also be used for cutting materials like ceramic tiles
  • Brands: Some of the most popular brands are Bosch, Lotus, DeWalt and Stanley

    Power Drills

  • Types: Corded and Cordless impact drills are the most effective tools you might need in home or work
  • Uses: Used for drilling holes or driving lag bolts and screws in wood, metal, or cement type materials. Perfect tool for home maintenance but are used mostly in woodwork shops and others alike
  • Brands: Dremel, Skil, Makita, Merry Tools, Bosch and Stanley

    Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Types: Items you can choose for cleaning and maintenance are Handheld vacuums, blowers and pressure washers
  • Uses: For home, garden, backyard, garage and car cleaning purposes. Handheld vacuums are for home and car cleaning while other tasks such as backyard and garage cleaning is for high pressure washers
  • Brands: Popular brands are Bosch, Skil and Maxhealth