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Modern Savior: Powerbanks

Have you ever been out on a Friday night, and just when you’re trying to call everyone, your phone dies. What an inconvenience! All you wanted to do was enjoy that blissful Friday night because it’s finally the last working day of the week and pour out all the stress from work. Apparently, your phone doesn’t want you to do that; it left you in mid-air, and you’ve got no one to contact because you can’t do so. Snap out of that night mare and save your Friday night by getting a powerbank!

This device is one of the genius inventions of the generation today. They finally found a way to escape these Friday nightmares. Your smartphones don’t need to die out on you even on the most important times, you just need to plug it in and in a few, you’ll get fully charged. No need to worry about going anywhere and thinking of a plug where you can charge. They are small and lightweight, so it’s easy to bring them around. This tiny thing can charge even the tablets you need for your meeting. You can even make some of them your keychain so you don’t lose them inside your bag. Having one of these is such a convenience.

Powerbanks For All Kinds of Needs, For All Types of Personalities

Although convenience is all these items are after, you have to make sure you found the right one before you decide on buying it. Don’t worry, there are just few points that you have to consider. The first one being, of course, the capacity; mAh is the unit for measuring the capacity of batteries, even powerbanks. The most basic is the 2600mAh, it can give your smartphone a one full charge. The largest capacity that’s available is 20,000mAh. Battery type can either be Li-Polymer or Li-Ion. You can choose from a wide range of color choices available. Different brands are ready to provide you with one of their convenient inventions yet.

Now that you know what’s in store for you, all you have to do is think of the needs that you have for a powerbank. Think of your smart phone/tablet’s battery needs. It could be that the one that you have easily loses its charge, that’s why you might need a higher mAh capacity so that you’re not always worrying about your gadget. Since it is a hit, you can find most of this mobile charger in many store outlets, and even online. Prices range depending on the mAh and also on the brand. Choose your own powerbank from the top online shopping site in the Philippines today, and never have to worry about losing battery while out on a weekend night. You can now enjoy calling and texting all your friends and enjoying your free time.


    Feature phone powerbank

  • Uses: These powerbanks are simply made for feature/basic phones. The devices also come with different connections for the cellphone.
  • Charging Capacity: These types of chargers come with 1000-4500mAh charging capacity. This allows a maximum of 60% to 1 full smartphone charge. Minimum charging time is 2 hours
  • Compatibility and Connectivity: This device is compatible with all cellphones and smartphones, and connects via a microUSB/USB input, and a 3.5mm/cellphone jack output

    Smartphone bank

  • Uses: The standard powerbank used to charge most smartphones
  • Charging Capacity: Compared to the basic powerbank, this device comes with a 5000-10,000mAh capacity. The device can charge a smartphone up to 2 full charges, and 50% tablet charge. Charging time is often at 2-4 hours.
  • Compatibility and Connectivity: This powerbank connects to Android, iOS, and Windows 8 devices, depending on the brand. The device connects via microUSB, USB, and power plug input, with a microUSB, USB, or Thunderbolt cable output

    Tablet powerbank

  • Uses: This heavy-duty charger is made for tablets and compatible with some smartphones depending on the brand.
  • Charging Capacity: This premium and durable charger for tablets have a charging capacity above 10000mAh. This allows up to 4 times full smartphone charge, and 1 to 2 times full tablet charge. This device can charge 2 hours average for smartphones, and 4-6 hours minimum for tablets
  • Compatibility: Depending on the brand, the powerbank is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows 8. These also connect via microUSB, USB, and power plug input, and microUSB, USB, or Thunderbolt cable output