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Use Dual Shock Cable or Charging Stations for Uninterrupted Gameplay

The exclusive Dual Shock gaming controllers from Sony have revolutionized the world of gamers with precise execution of commands, comfortable grips with scientific design, and innovative technical features. These fast-performing controllers need the power to remain functional and Dual Shock cable or charging stations can keep the devices alive for hours. With the official USB-based charging cables and docking stations, these devices do not frequently run out of power. You can enjoy your favorite games without unnecessary breaks or substantial energy-bills, as these chargers can transmit power to a Dual Shock controller economically.

You can use the gold-plated PS4 USB-based charging cable to recharge the Dual Shock gaming controller, as its connection point forms a flawless pairing with gaming controller’s charging ports. The charging cable does not become loose when charging and completes the entire process without any delay. You can get your Dual Shock controller within a few minutes’ time to start new missions and finish new levels with highest scores in your favorite video games. You may even use the 15-feet long USB-2.0 charging cable with a DualShock controller. The extended length of this cable gives you the chance to continue playing when you charge the controller. These USB charging cables have multiple sheathings of first-class plastic to prevent electrical shocks.

Keep the Dual Shock Gaming Controllers Recharged Wirelessly with PS Chargers

Apart from the USB charging cables, you can even use the charging stations to keep the Dual Shock adequately charged. There are a variety of chargers available for Dual Shock controllers differing in looks and other features. Many of these charging stations can recharge two gaming controllers at the same time. The charging points of ‘SCE PS4 Charger Stand’ are located one after another and this stand has a streamlined design. It comes with a multi-voltage charger which can keep the stand always ready for charging. This charging-station comes with an additional charging cable with three-pin plug at the end. The flexible connectors on the docking stations cause no damage to your DualShock gaming-controller when attaching, as the charging ports are located at the base of this device. These docking stations ensure perfect fitting at the time of charging for fast and cordless recharge.

Other efficient PS Chargers for the DualShock controller from Sony include PowerA Dual Shock and Nyko. The PowerA DualShock charger is lightweight and has two charging stations with curved edges ensuring the safety of your gaming-controller at the time of charging. This charging station comes with a Nyko powerbase using the mechanism of Qi induction charging. You can easily attach the controllers to the charging points and their perfect fit ensures no misplacement. Some charging stations come with additional micro USB ports along with the charging docks for gaming-controllers. You may use these USB hubs to recharge a PS4 device, laptop, e-tablet or computer whilst using docking ports to charge the DualShock. Some charging stations require microUSB dongles to attach to the DualShock controllers’ charging-slots before placing the device onto the docks to ensure quick and easy fit. Some PS charging-stations utilize colorful lights to notify ongoing and complete charging.