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Selfie Stick – The Cool Ubiquitous Smartphone Accessory

Ever since the trend of smartphones with high-resolution cameras caught up, digital photography has changed leaps and bounds. When the user clicks pictures on the smartphone, there is the convenience of instantly viewing, editing, and sharing these pictures. With so many benefits of indulging in smartphone photography, this is a trend that is very popular. To support smartphone photography many numerous new smartphone camera accessories have been introduced. Among them, the selfie stick is one of the most popular accessories. Nearly everyone who owns a smartphone can be seen owning selfie sticks too. This is a tool that makes it easy to take selfies or pictures taken with the front-facing camera on the smartphone where the person who snaps the photo can be in the photo without having to set a timer.

Not all smartphone cameras come with a wide angle sensor on the secondary camera. So if the user has to click better pictures with a little more detail in the frame, then taking the phone a little further away with the help of the selfie stick would be the easiest way to do it. One other huge benefit of this accessory is that it allows users to comfortably handle even a large screen smartphone with a single hand. And the ergonomic grip on these sticks makes it easier for the user to hold the smartphone securely without the fear of dropping it even while moving around.

The Monopod Selfie Stick – A Portable and Practical Tool to Carry During Travel

Even those who think they would never need a monopod selfie stick would instantly find it to be an indispensable travel accessory once they use it. The practical design of these tools and the convenience of using them is what makes them so attractive. There are so many varieties in selfie sticks and a wide range in the budget as well. Whether the user chooses the most affordable ones or the expensive ones, the basic design remains the same. There is a clamp to secure the smartphone and a connectivity port which could be wired or wireless. The telescopic handle of the stick can be set at any desired length. There is a convenient grip and in most cases, the trigger for clicking the camera shutter is provided close to the grip.

Besides the simple wired monopod selfie stick design, there are some convertible options which can instantly be converted to a tripod and even used for small digital cameras with the help of extensions. Also, there are wireless selfie sticks which come with an inbuilt wireless connectivity module which can be connected with the smartphone. The remote that comes with the stick has the trigger to capture pictures. The folding telescopic design makes the selfie sticks easy to carry. The swivel head makes it easy to turn the phone around to get a different perspective for each shot. The stability of the image capturing process can be significantly better when there is a selfie stick being used.