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Smartphones are fragile - thank god for phone cases

Let’s face it – smartphones aren’t the most durable devices out there. If you are not careful, you can drop your phone at a height, step on it accidentally, or even drown it underwater. It’s a good thing that phone cases are made to protect your phones, or at least lessen the damage done when you do something reckless with your device.

Phone cases have been in conception ever since the mobile phone was introduced. Even the basic phones we had ten years ago had cases. And with the technology advancing further, so do the ways to protect them. If you think you’re not quite confident with how you handle your phone, you may want to spend a few more bucks on an appropriate phone case that can protect it.

What phone case will suit your mobile device?

So how do you select the right phone case for your mobile device? Well, while color and style can be good criteria, it will ultimately depend on what type of smartphone you possess. Different cases are made to suit particular smartphones, depending on its size, make, and model. The type of casings to choose also depends on how well you want to protect your gadget. Some cases are shock proof. Others extend protection toward the screen. Some are waterproof. And some are even made to resist the forces of nature. No matter what type of casing you choose, it is always important to do your part in taking care of your phone.

    Jelly Case

  • Casing types : The most common and affordable type of phone protector is the jelly case. This highly flexible case can lessening the device’s damage when dropped by absorbing the impact. While very formidable, the jelly case leaves much room on the screen, and don’t provide much of design factor
  • Smartphone cases for: Jelly cases are always available for all types of phones, but majority are made for start-up to mid-range devices.
  • Material: Jelly cases are commonly made of rubber, but some are also made using flexible polymer that is also bendable and highly durable

    Bumper cases

  • Casing types : This type of case surrounds the sides of the smartphone, protecting its edges, while leaving the front and back parts exposed. This puts focus on protecting the phones from dents and scratches from the sides, as well as giving you the leeway to clean your phone without removing the protector.
  • Smartphone cases for: Bumper cases are commonly marketed for named brands, specifically the phones made with a metallic unibody.
  • Material: Bumper cases are made from metal, or hard polyester. Some groups also sell plastic bumper cases for midrange to start up devices

    Hardcase/ Smartphone Armor

  • Casing types : This casing is similar to the jelly case, that it protects the sides and back of the smartphone. The difference is that the case is very durable and can spread impact evenly without damaging the phone. Some of the hard cases also provide a degree of water protection to the device
  • Smartphone cases for: Smartphone armors are commonly made for mid-range to high end devices. Some tablet cases also come in this type to protect the much larger gadget.
  • Material: The most durable hard cases are made from military grade polymer, with strict military patterns to better protect the mobile device. Other cases can be made from plastic, metal, and hard polymer.

    Leather flip case cover

  • Casing types: This sleek case protects the phone all around, providing the LCD screen added protection through the flip case cover. The flip cover can also act as a stand to your device
  • Smartphone cases for: The Flip case covers are most suitable for high-end devices, mostly for the smartphones that have elegant designs. Some companies also make third-party flip case covers for midrange and start-up phones.
  • Material: The most durable and high-end flip cases are made from leather and durable polyester plastic. Other third party cases are made from durable polymer and hard plastic combinations