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Pegged Puzzle for Better Visual Judgment

Introducing a child to the world of puzzles is an act that not only entertains but also puts your child through a whole new learning process. The fact that puzzles require brainstorming to reach to a correct conclusion makes children efficient in decision making at their later stage in life. Additionally, the interest in puzzles helps in the improvement of visual perception, which will be important during the schooling phase. There are all sorts of pegged puzzles that are made for toddlers, which include subjects from alphabets, transport, body parts and fruits to animals. The wooden-made toy is devised in a practical and attractive way so that children are able to focus their attention on the puzzles.

Pegged puzzles are also made out of safe materials and are durable and non-toxic which makes it suitable for children to play and enjoy. The puzzles prove as an easy means to make your child recognize various alphabets, fruits, parts of the human body, transport, and more so that they are able to learn well. You can even get the alphabet puzzle board in both capital and small letters, which can be chosen, based on the level of teaching. The easy-to-hold pegs aid the child to better practice fine motor skills, improve their memory, enhance hand-eye coordination and even develop their problem-solving skills. The use of bright colors in crafting the boards makes them visually appealing and attractive for better attention. Additionally, the puzzles also help in making children aware of various shapes and structures of different objects.

Wooden Puzzles for Better Durability and Safety

Wooden puzzles serve both as an educational and an entertaining toy that is long-lasting and safe for usage by little children.  The puzzles help the child to direct their attention to the toys and physically develop interaction since there are no automated buttons for the toy to work on its own and make the child watch. Rather, it requires children to get physically active to manually connect, pull, push and turn the components of the wooden toy. Practicing the toy at regular intervals helps in better recognition and learning, which even helps children be better prepared for their schooling.

Wooden puzzles are also acknowledged for their healing properties. They are even beneficial for children who lack communication skills. Playing with wooden toys involves a repeat of actions, that needs using both sides of the human body in sync. This repetition of movements help in the improvement of their fine motor skills and leads to better communication. The children who have delayed motor skills along with crawling power can be motivated with wooden toys to improve their fine motor skills, sitting balance, repetition of actions and problem-solving skills. With wooden toys involving a lot of hand movement, it even leads to better arm strength. Moreover, since these toys are sturdy, they can be utilized for generations.