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Soothing and Calming Pacifiers for Your Baby

Sucking is a natural behavior in babies. Babies have a need to suck when they are tired, bored or need comfort. A sense of security in the early months is very much needed by babies and pacifiers can help calm your baby when he is fussy or crying. Pacifiers are soothing artificial nipple that aims to provide comfort to babies when they suck it. To some babies, sucking on a pacifier brings more comfort than just being held. To satisfy the need for your babies to suck, pacifiers can be given.

The pacifiers are also used to soothe a baby to sleep and to calm the baby. Use of pacifiers also promotes oral development and pacifiers are also useful when your baby is teething. Pacifiers also come handy when you are trying to wean your baby. There are different types of pacifiers. The regular baby pacifiers are the traditional pacifiers which replicate the shape of an actual nipple and have a round tip nipple. Orthodontic pacifiers enable babies to suck naturally and are ideal for healthy oral development in babies. These pacifiers are uniquely shaped and have a flattened nipple. You can choose the one that your baby will prefer to take.

Let Your Baby Relax with Baby Pacifiers

The pacifiers are completely safe for your baby as they are made up of either Latex or silicone. Latex is softer and flexible than silicone. However, silicone is mostly used in pacifiers as they are durable as well as hygienic. Latest technology pacifiers are BPA free and odor free pacifiers. Pacifiers are available in all sizes for newborns, babies younger than six months and babies older than six months. The shape of the pacifiers ranges from long, short to flatten or ball-shaped end. Pacifiers are light in weight and can be sterilized. They have soft smooth edges and are designed not to touch the nose of your baby.  Some baby pacifiers have a security ring handle for easy removal. Some of the pacifiers also come with a cap that keeps the nipple protected when not in use. Natural and soft shape pacifiers are available that perfectly fits in your baby’s mouth. Some of the brands have pacifiers that have collapsible nipple which means that the nipple can be used both sides. Chicco, Philips Avent, Asenso are some of the brands of baby pacifiers. Pacifiers are made by brands adhering to all safety standards.

There are baby feeding pacifiers too that act a pacifier as well as a feeder. They are convenient and safe to feed babies a variety of fresh foods and are available in different sizes depending on the baby’s appetite. With these pacifiers, your baby can gradually adjust to flavors of foods as a small amount is released whenever baby sucks the pacifier. They are easy to clean and are stain resistant.