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Slipcovers – Let’s Talk Style

When it comes to adding some flair to your living room design, nothing is as easy or as functional as the sofa cover. Sofas are investments that you keep in your home for years. So eventually you may want to style your living room with a new look. This can be simple, when you have a sectional couch cover you can just slip on. Since the slip covers come in a variety of designs, you should consider what kind of pattern, color, and material you would want your cover to be made out of as you look for something suitable for your living room.

There are a variety of style and colors to brighten up your sofa or loveseat with a stylish slipcover. You can define the look of a room with beautiful slipcovers. There are dedicated designers that create custom furniture slipcovers that are perfectly tailored for your specific furniture and cushions style. Fabric selection could include durable twills, denim, luscious suede, solids, prints, and leather look material. Some slipcover brands use predetermined position front ties. They are made with patented ease fit clip-on fasteners for a better fit. This offers a true custom fitted look and forever eliminate slippage and tucking. One of the advantages of the slipcover is that you can change them according to your taste, season or to match your surroundings.

Slipcover – Designed for Perfect Fit

There are various categories of slipcovers. The slipcover with a rich fabric or intricate design for dining chairs creates a regal look for the dining room. The slipcover for sofas revitalizes your seating arrangement with stretch covers or the ones with a more relaxed fit. You can make your sofa inviting with a soft faux suede finish or chic twill or create a homely atmosphere with floral slipcovers. You can transform your lounge into comfort, without damaging your furniture, with pet friendly slipcovers. The loveseat slipcover could be a basic polyester slipcover or the Victoria loveseat slipcover or something entirely different or unique to your home. Wing chair slipcover design allows for a non slip comfort by firmly tucking in the bottom seat cushion flaps.

Slipcover is snug and is fitting for a neat look. A relaxed fit design paired with crisped tailored details like the upholstery design and pleated skirting slipcover can add grace to the room. A stretch slipcover gives a perfect fit. Some prefer slipcover with a slightly loose relaxed fit with adjustable features that can be tucked or tied for a more tailored profile. The hundred percent cotton slipcovers are super soft to touch but made of heavyweight fabric to withstand the rigors of day to day use. There are two piece slipcovers have a separate cushion cover for a better fit and ruffled skirt for a classic elegant look. Such slipcovers are durable and easy to use. They are also value for money. Slipcovers could have a better grip with a zipper closure. Slipcovers are a practical alternative to replacing or reupholstering your furniture.