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USB OTG: Connecting On The Go

Are you looking for ways to connect your smartphone or tablet to a hard disk or drive? Then you need a USB OTG gadget. USB OTG or USB On-The-Go is a gadget that allows a device to read data with the help of USB without the presence of a PC. They are compatible with a wide range of devices as long as the device can support the OTG function. By connecting your phone to act as a USB host you now have the freedom of connecting and using other hardware such as hard disk, gaming controller, VR headset, musical instruments, and more with your phone. Easily move content from one device to another and in the process free up your smartphone and tablet memory with this handy device.

When using a USB cable the computer acts as a host and hence, is in charge as it is the main server. In this case, the device connected through the other end of the USB cable is its client, which can only communicate with the host (PC). In the case of a USB OTG, there is an extra pin added in the micro-USB socket provides you the flexibility of acting as both the host and hosting device. For example, when a smartphone is connected to a USB OTG then it can either be host to an attached hard drive or hosting device if attached to a PC. Thus with this gadget, your usage becomes multi-operational. So in short with a USB OTG gadget, the smartphone has the ability to read from a removable media such as hard drive as a host or act as a storage device when connected to a computer.

What are the Uses of USB OTG Drives?

Now you know what USB OTG drives are and how they enable your smartphone to act as both a host and a hosted device, let’s find out about what they can be used for? The compact OTG adapter can help you perform a myriad of functions like storage, gaming, printing, and more. The first is that you can now connect your smartphone with an external hard drive. Just plug the external drive and you are good to transfer your files and clean up your phone drive. If you are into gaming then an OTG cable will help you to connect your phone with various gaming controls allowing you to play smoothly. If you want to use your phone as a laptop you can now connect the keyboard and mouse with it. You can also connect with your phone to the printer and print copies directly. Another cool use for all the budding photographers out there is connecting your phone to a DSLR camera, which then allows your phone to control all the features of a camera.

Apart from connecting to other devices and transferring files, the USB OTG drives have other important uses. Short of battery in your MP3 player now you can charge it with your smartphone. All you need to do is to connect the two devices one with an OTG adapter and the other with a power cable. Need to compose music just connect your musical instrument with your phone via the adapter and you are good to go. Wi-Fi acting up simply connect your USB Ethernet connector and OTG adapter and plug them to enjoy a seamless wired internet connectivity. In short, the USB OTG adapter opens up a whole new world of possibilities by expanding the range of functions your smartphone can perform.