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Dash Cam: Ensures Invulnerable Rides

Accidents occur out of nowhere and often leave you stupefied. This is one of the important factors why you should avail a Dash Cam. A dash camera is usually mounted on the dashboard of your car. It is attached to the dashboard with the help of sticky rubber pads and a suction cup mount. It could work as a powerful complement to the rear-view mirror in your ride. Dash cameras are usually charged with the help of batteries. These are inserted into the 12-volt system of your car through hard wires. A Dash Cam is a significant witness of every detail and is a reliable medium of recording everything it comes across.

These cameras come both with a single and multiple lens which allow to perform front and back recording simultaneously. Cameras capable of 1080p are more commonly found. But VGA version is still prevalent within an affordable range. It can also be used in two-wheelers. If plugged in, a Dash Cam automatically starts working along with the car and records video of every detail and stores them into a removable disk. The advanced form also records the location, time, speed and date.

Car Dash Camera: These Provide Impartial Documentation of the Happenings

A Car Dash Camera records all the factors leading up to an accident or road unrest without any bias. Various types of Dash Cam are available in the market today. the basic dash Cameras are the most affordable and convenient kind devoid of frills. It is plugged into the electric system or a cigarette lighter socket. Dash cams often come with additional attractive features like GPS, speed censors, audio recording, accelerometer, UPS. The UPS provides with uninterrupted power supply which keeps recording even after disrupted power during an incident. In a dual dash camera system, one camera is faced outward while the other concerns the interior of your vehicle.

These enable the vehicle owner to keep a check on both the exterior and interior of the car through the windshield. In effect, these cameras record both the interior of the vehicle (including a clear view of the driver) and a front-facing view through the windshield. This also highlights the reckless driving habits of the drivers.

The footage recorded by your camera is a strong evidence for insurance claims. It is a reliable and trust-worthy witness leaving out no minute detail from being recorded. It is also a great medium of personal security. Besides, a front facing camera also helps you to record happy moments on the road. Various brands of dash cams of various prices are now available both online and in car shops. Pick the kind that suits you the most and make your journeys hassle-free.