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Nintendo Screen Guards Provide Protection with Intact Touch-Screen Sensitivity

You can use the Nintendo gaming consoles in both indoor and outdoor setups with equal efficiency. The Nintendo gaming devices come with touch-screen facilities; therefore, it is essential to place Nintendo screen guards on gaming devices. These protective shields can prevent scratches without distorting the graphics. You can touch the screen as many times as you wish without damaging the screen of Nintendo gaming device. The screen-shields also prevent the minute dust particles from scratching the screens when you play outside. There are two different types of screen-protectors available for Nintendo devices – protectors with plastic films and with tempered glasses. Both varieties ensure optimum performance.

The ‘Screen Protection Kit’ from Nintendo Switch belongs to the category of plastic film protectors. This protective cover can keep the gaming console’s screen safe from all the pollutants and scratches. The accurate sizing of this shielding film makes it suitable only for Nintendo Switch and prevents the screen-guard from extending outside the screen’s limits. Hence, your functionality remains intact while the screen remains protected from outside attacks. The anti-fingerprint coating on these films prevents any smudge marks from distorting your view. The Orzly screen-protector has another utilitarian feature, as the film does not require frequent replacements. You can clean this protective film using an applicator available with the screen-shield and it can extend the longevity of this film. These films also come with five removable layers; therefore, you have backups before making the final replacement.

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Nintendo Consoles Offer All-Round Protection

Apart from the plastic protective films, Nintendo has some tempered glass protectors for its gaming consoles. These glass-shields undoubtedly provide better protection for your gaming devices. The CaseBase screen protector for Nintendo Switch only has a thickness of 0.24-mm and can protect the screens without reducing their touch-screen sensitivity. You do not miss single stroke while protecting the screens of your Nintendo Consoles from all scratching elements. Even a large sharp piece cannot break the shielding layer of this screen. The Orzly screen-guards of tempered glass also have 0.24 mm thickness. The rounded edges of the screen-protectors give additional protection to your fingers, as they prevent accidental cuts. The tempered-glass protectors never interfere with Switch Dock of gaming consoles. These shielding glass-covers are also fitted with shatter-proof features. Some popular glass screen-guards for Nintendo gaming devices have 0.3-mm thickness; however, it does not reduce the touch-screen sensitivity whilst offering great protection.

The tempered-glass screen protectors with 9H hardness provide protection from sharp objects and granular elements. These glasses also offer excellent clarity with untainted transparency while the extremely smooth surfaces ensure easy gliding of your fingers on the screens. Many of these tempered-glass screen-guards come as a set of two screen-protectors letting you remove the damaged shield and replace it with a second protective cover. However, these thick glass protectors hardly experience any damage and severely harsh impacts can only crack these shields. Hence, it is prudent to cover the screens of Nintendo gaming-consoles with hard-glass shields if you plan to frequently use a device outdoors.