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Glam-Up Your Nails with Vibrant Nail Polish

Besides wearing attractive and comfortable outfits and pairing it up with matching accessories like earrings, neck pieces, handbags, etc,  possessing perfectly shaped nails with a coat of nail paint over it is also necessary for looking stunning. Taking proper care of your nails is also highly essential for maintaining good hygiene. It is true that nails do look attractive if you put on paints of bright colors, but before doing so you need to do both manicure and pedicure.

Nowadays, innumerable shades of nail polish are available and are manufactured by numerous brands. You may choose from a vast range of shades of red, orange, pink, blue, purple, fluorescent green, neon yellow, black, white, grey, etc. Other than solid colors, nail varnishes have also developed an array of designs like flakes, glitter, speckled, holographic, iridescent, etc. Modern nail polishes are sold in liquid forms in tiny bottles and are accompanied with a small brush. Nail polish can easily be applied to both finger and toenails for decorating and protecting your nail plates. The former formulation has changed a lot for enhancing the decorative effects as well as suppressing flaking or cracking. Depending on the brand, nail varnishes consist of a proportionate mixture of organic polymer and various other components. The primary ingredient used is nitrocellulose which acts as a film-forming agent. Other solvents like ethyl alcohol, acetone are also used. Plasticizers like dibutyl phthalate are used to make it soft and pliable.

Pamper Your Nails Properly with Shades of Nail Colors

Nail colors are available in shimmery, glittery as well as smooth matte forms. Nowadays, people are very much fascinated towards doing nail art of various unique designs by using nail paints, nail stickers, stones, etc. You can do such nail art designs by yourself too with various types of nail varnishes including base coat, top coat, gel, shellac, etc. The base coat is applied prior to applying nail paint and is a clear polish which serves the purpose of strengthening nails and restoring moisture. Gel polish lasts for a long time if applied properly and maintained well at home.

For those who do not prefer a shiny texture can opt for matte polish as it provides a dull finish. You may also do nail art with a combo of matte and shiny polish. The clear colored top coat is specifically used for applying nail paint and provides a desired and finished look. It acts as a barrier and prevents scratching, peeling and chipping. Few top coats also offer features like ‘quick-drying.’ Some brands promise to offer nail paints that induce nail growth, prevent breaking and cracking of nails and make nails stronger. Those individuals who face problems of reduced nail growth or nail splitting may try such polishes.