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The Need for Biker Jackets in the Philippines

Biker jackets are important because they can protect bikers from injuries during riding. They are meant for safety purposes. Of course, jackets are not going to prevent any major injuries but they will help to protect against scratches and bruises. Some riders like to wear leather jackets. They are comfortable to wear and look stylish. However, they are not waterproof. They are only water resistant.  Although many riders wear jackets just for style, the primary purpose of these jackets is protection. While riding a bike, the wind cuts through the fabric and can make the rider feel quite uncomfortable. Jackets can keep the wind away from the body, thus, keeping the rider comfortable as he rides even in the most adverse weather conditions. If the jacket has a zipper, it will offer even more protection.

There are waterproof biker jackets available in the market. They are like raincoats. Some jackets are meant for couples and can be worn by two people riding a bike. The jackets have a mesh lining to improve breathability. This makes it possible for the rider to wear it even in hot weather. There are adjustable straps on the waist and sleeves. This will help to customize the fit. There is a built-in internal protection to elbows and shoulders. This is made from rubber. There is reflective detailing on the front, back, and sleeves of the jacket. This helps in visibility.  The padded protection in the jacket makes the rider feel safe during his ride. Besides this, these jackets are lightweight and easy to wash.

The Special Features of Motorcycle Jackets

There are highly advanced motorcycle jackets available for purchase for more advanced riders. These jackets have a high impact two-piece plastic chest plate. The articulated plastic back coverage is removable.  Apart from this, they have all the other features of other jackets. They have a mesh lining for good breathability, center zipper, and are made from the comfortable material. They are generally made from 50% nylon, 30% polyester, 8% spandex, 7% EVA, and 5% polyethylene. They have a high-density foam padding, to provide extra comfort to the rider. The protective armor is made from high-density wear-resistant nylon. These jackets are like the ultimate battle suits. The jackets can be used for skiing and skating, besides biking.

Riders who do not need maximum protection made available in the motorcycle jackets can wear jackets that offer lighter protection. Some jackets are worn mainly for protection from adverse weather conditions like wind and rain. They offer minimal protection but they are waterproof and windproof. They are suitable for wear in autumn or spring when the weather is quite cool. They can also be worn for camping and hiking. They have a fleece lining to absorb sweat readily. They offer warmth. They are acid and alkali-proof. They are built with anti-static and are heat-resistant. These jackets also offer UV and radiation protection. They are windproof and have anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties. These kinds of jackets are mainly designed for outdoor sports.