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Monopods: Greater Flexibility and Freedom

The monopod, also known as unipod, is often regarded as a great addition to a photographer’s kit. The different forms of tripods and monopods can never be substituted. The importance of a monopod is judged by the kind of shot a photographer is aiming at. Though some stability is needed, it gives a photographer immense flexibility and freedom. Monopods are available in various sizes, qualities, and prices. 

There are several advantages that a monopod offers a person. Monopods are in all probability the most widely and universally used camera equipment. It is a great technique to broaden one’s depth of field and focus better on the object. No wonder, they are widely regarded for wildlife photography, landscape photography, action photography, sports photography, travel photography among others. One of the greatest advantages of a monopod is it is easy to carry. Being a single pole, you can retract it when not using and thus reduce its size into a small one. Also, the monopods are lighter than the tripods, especially the carbon-fiber monopods. They are also regarded as hiking stick for their ease of usage. 

Camera monopods: Capture the Precious Moment at the Perfect Time

Camera monopods can be set up very easily. It can be extended to the required height and secured at its place. For photographers on the go, a monopod is often considered ideal. Often referred to as OTG photography, it allows the photographer to capture the right moment as one does not has to waste time setting the bulky tripod at the time of any potential shot. Monopods offer the required camera support and enable one to capture a sharp and clear image. Using this equipment also eliminates camera shake. You can take pictures at slow shutter speed with ease. Also, it offers the flexibility to the photographers to use longer focal length and move the camera in accordance with the action of the object. For better stability, one can use a monopod against any solid object, be it tree, wall, or any other stationary object. 

In tight spaces, camera monopods come handy. When the ground is too unstable or uneven for a tripod or the place is crowded or tight, monopods are the wisest options. You can place in any way you want and evade the predicaments you could have faced otherwise if using a tripod. All these features have increased the utility and craze for monopods among the photographers, both budding and amateur. 

There are various ways you can actually place your camera monopod. For example, you can use a three-legged tripod stance. It offers stability to the camera but at times restricts your flexibility. If you use a rotating ball head, then you can easily twist, spin, sway as well as move the camera to capture the desired object. Another way of using monopods are using side stance. It involves the photographer standing with one foot back and another forward with the monopod’s foot firmly set against your rear foot. While you get stability, you can also plan side planning movements better. Placing the camera monopods behind the leg or using a chest-pod or belt-pod are other options at the disposal of the photographer while using a monopod.