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The Gionee phone brings to you what works

Before Gionee expanded their sales and products to Asia, the Chinese brand first focused all of their resources to make their company one of the best in their country. Within a few years of research and development, Gionee slowly rose through the ranks, becoming one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in China. Today, the mobile company pushes toward the international market, selling quality Gionee phones in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, etc. So far, their marketing strategy tailors on what is tried and tested.

Unlike most mobile brands that specifically make phones that stand out for a specific audience, Gionee pushes to perfect the phone that will sell to everyone. The mobile devices they make are unique in a sense that they hit both form and function in crafting the phones that will be loved by every single person. Gionee’s extensive R&D tries to collect information on what works, and tries to apply them in their next line of mobile devices.

The Gionee phones are slim, sleek, and stylish

In terms of specs, Gionee pretty much has everything on the bag with their smartphones. If there’s anything standing out, though, it is the slim form factor that other smartphone brands try to recreate. Gionee’s unibody exterior maximizes the device’s capacity to function better; literally packed with all the tools and features that make the Gionee phone a very impressive brand to date. The products are also reasonably priced and come with the right accessories to protect and enhance your mobile phone use. Try out the Gionee phone, especially if you are one looking for an impressive phone that you can use for any purpose.

Why buy a Gionee phone?

  • Gionee phones have a very slim form factor, that most mobile aficionados want
  • Solid specs and features that work very well on the phone
  • Phones are durable and waterproof

    Gionee Elife series

  • Overview: The brand’s premium and flexible line of high-end smartphones at a midrange price. The phones under the series also have unique designs, making the numbered series of phones unique from each other.
  • Tech specs: Each phone under the Elife series have their own unique spec that most users would like, especially if they want to be more unique with their phones. Among these specific features include a rotating 13MP camera, Android 5.0 Lollipop OS with a custom UI, true octa-core processor, and Full-HD capacity display.
  • Gionee Elife phones: The latest phone under this series is the Elife S 5.5 running Androdi 5.0 OS. Other variants of the brand include the Elife S7, Elife S5.1, and the Elife E7 mini

    Gionee Gpad series

  • Overview: The Gpad series comprises the brand’s midrange products with high-end features. These phones boast reliable camera resolutions that most casual users who are also camera fans can enjoy
  • Tech specs: Unique to the phones in the series, the Gionee Gpad boasts a hexa-core processor, running Android KitKat OS on a 1.5GHz device. The 5-inch phone boasts 720p HD resolution, with quality cameras that can captures stills up to 3264 x 2448 image resolution. These phones also have 8GB internal storage, expandable via microSD, and 1GB RAM
  • The Gionee Gpad phones: The Gionee Gpad is the brand’s numbered series. The phones under this series are the Gpad 5, Gpad 4, Gpad 3, and so on.

    Gionee Pioneer series

  • Overview: The Gionee Pioneer is the brand’s simple, yet elegant entry-level phone series. These sport smaller form factor, but also boast high resolution on their cameras
  • Tech specs: The phones under the Pioneer run Android OS on quad-core processors, with a 5-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen display. The phones’ camera can shoot stills at 5MP, but their image shows 2592 х 1944 resolution.
  • Gionee Pioneer phones.: Similar to the Gpad, the Pioneer are a numbered series of phones. The latest of the series is the Gionee Pioneer P6. Other variants include P4, P3, P2S, P2, and the P1.