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Yuanmei iphone6s double knife Apple XIAOMI nano cut card device
(1 reviews)
  • To send to restore card holder to take card pin double knife single spring powerful bite force
₱ 133.00 -13%
₱ 152.00
Lenovo a3000/a5000/a1000t/s5000 LCD display in the Assembly Touch Screen
  • Digital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : LenovoApplicable Models : A3000 a5000Make : Rui Feng
₱ 191.00
Asus tvzb551kl/z013/dx014d/zc500tg touch LCD Assembly Screen
  • Digital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : AsusApplicable Models : Zenfone goMake : Rui Feng Communication
₱ 444.00 -4%
₱ 462.00
Samsung 719note2/939i9308i9300g7106v/7102n7100n7108d7105s3 Motherboard
  • Motherboard all with deck, not with camera head Keyi to the original the camera head split down, Camera head with a socket connection without welding, Keyi direct replacement in turn.Digital zero parts type : MotherboardSuitable for brand : Samsung/SamsungApplicable Models : Note2 N7100 N7108 N719 N7102Make : Other/Other
₱ 506.00
Good domain S3 outer screen Touch Screen
(1 reviews)
  • Digital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : JiayuApplicable Models : S3Make : Jiayu
₱ 462.00
2.4G mini wireless QWERTY keyboard fly air mouse with touchp
  • 3 in 1 multifunction: Wireless Keyboard + mouse + touchpadDigital zero parts type : KeyboardSuitable for brand : As pictureApplicable Models : As detailsMake : ZX
₱ 624.00
DIVI Cato card slot mobile phone card holder Sim to take card pin
  • Portable to carry can be repeated useMake : DIVIProduction of business : Shenzhen City, DIVI Electronic Limited Company
₱ 196.00 -42%
₱ 336.00
101a/m8-r1mini/nsf446qh2132 LCD display M blue
  • Digital zero parts type : ScreenMake : Touch Screen
₱ 287.00
Gionee f103b/gn3002/3003l/F5/f306/f100 touch Assembly Display Screen
  • Receive packaging first inspection then sign for appearance damage the all reject, sign for the winter. Consequences. Bare metal testTTTTing better on installed, installed not security and, is not a professional repair to do not to buy, will be years dress bad seller does not warranty. BENSE.O shop can be a large amount wholesale, large amount price excellent. Need to send glue and tools of the notes indicate FZ will be not to send. BENSE.O shop default Yuantong Express, not to or hair other courier the please leave a message notes or and customer service contact I wish you shopping happyDigital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : Gionee/GioneeApplicable Models : 3002Make : Gionee
₱ 142.00
Asus zenfone2/ze551ml/z00ad/z00adb/z00ada Touch Screen
  • Determine can separation and then order, BENSE.O screen for one-piece the screen. Non-professional staff do not order.Digital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : AsusApplicable Models : ZE551ML Z00AD Z00ADA Z00ADBMake : Fei Hong
₱ 357.00
LG G2/l01-f/l22/L24 repair replacement Touch Screen Display Screen
  • LG G2 Japanese version L01-F L22 DoCoMo iasi Touch Screen Display Screen assembly to send repair replacement external screen, original external screen, exclusive original!Digital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : LGApplicable Models : G2 L22 L-01FMake : LG
₱ 593.00
Nokia 7610 S/6120c/3600s LCD screen Display Screen
  • Entity shop spot goods, every day delivery. Original and assembly of Difference: original display standby mobile phone. Adjustable brightness. Visual Angle large. Assembly screen does not display standby time, not can adjust brightness. Visual Angle is small.Digital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : NokiaApplicable Models : NokiaMake : Other/Other
₱ 330.00 -1%
₱ 331.00
Alcatel ot5095 one-piece Assembly Touch Screen
  • Digital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : AlcatelApplicable Models : Ot5095Make : Alcatel
₱ 331.00
Asus zenfone2/ze550ml/ze551ml deck SIM card slot Cable
  • Digital zero parts type : CableSuitable for brand : AsusApplicable Models : ZF2Make : Other/Other
₱ 199.00
Nokia x2/rm-1013/x2ds display screen Assembly Screen
  • The screen is one-piece screen. To single buy touch screen the buyers the separation good after and then shoot. So take the and separation found that their own separation is not the, to not necessary the loss!Digital zero parts type : ScreenMake : Other/Other
₱ 549.00
X5-h11/x5-y12/hc-c2225v2 family touch screen
  • Mobile phone model is x5-h11 or x5-y12 Keyi direct order, other models, please contact customer service.Digital zero parts type : ScreenMake : Touch Screen
₱ 217.00
Samsung iphone6plus Apple phone card care
  • Small and convenient cheap affordable easy to use free shipping
₱ 108.00
KIRISUN 35-32mm handheld walkie-talkie speaker
  • Digital zero parts type : OtherMake : FCE/UNISUN
₱ 128.00
Lenovo a358t/A319 touch screen Touch Screen
  • Lenovo A358T A319 touch screen external Screen Original disassembleDigital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : Seoul extra hotApplicable Models : Seoul extra hot amount QMake : Touch Screen
₱ 243.00
China Mobile A1/m623c inside and outside the Assembly Screen
  • China Mobile A1 M623C assembly inside and outside the screen Touch Screen Display Screen assemblyDigital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : TestApplicable Models : TestMake : Test
₱ 199.00
₱ 109.00
High concentration of sterling silver conductive silver paint pen
  • Silver direct product, delivery three needle!Digital zero parts type : OtherMake : Other/Other
₱ 191.00
Android intelligent machine toys mobile phone speaker
  • Internal small parts is the need to disassemble installation Large Section also need to professional repair technology to welding the treasurer really buy two, or more or direct to repair shop comparison is really split bad de bu chang shiDigital zero parts type : OtherMake : Hua Kai special
₱ 125.00
Jin Li S9/V9/V8 mobile phone to take card pin
  • Small and convenient mobile phone universal stainless steel for making support wholesale free shipping.
₱ 100.00
HTC M8 SIM card slot small plates
  • Digital zero parts type : Built-in InterfaceSuitable for brand : Huawei/HuaweiApplicable Models : GY6Make : Aishark/AISHARK
₱ 162.00
Nokia e66/e52/n78/N79/n82 LCD screen Screen
  • Digital zero parts type : ScreenMake : Other/Other
₱ 339.00
Samsung p5200/p5210/p5100 touch screen inside and outside the LCD Assembly Display Screen
  • Digital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : Samsung/SamsungApplicable Models : P5200 P5100Make : Other/Other
₱ 458.00 -1%
₱ 462.00
Sony Z3/d6603/d6653/s0l26 Leather Technology plug waterproof plug
(1 reviews)
  • Only suitable single card international version Z3 d6653 d6603 sol26Digital zero parts type : CaseSuitable for brand : Sony/SonyApplicable Models : Z3 waterproof leather plugMake : Qi Natural Science and Technology
₱ 199.00
X502/x506/x507/x551/x570 touch screen Touch Screen
  • Digital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : XApplicable Models : XMake : Infinix
₱ 261.00
Asus zenfone5/t00j/a501cg/a500cg/a500kl touch LCD Assembly Display Screen
  • Brand new screen Assembly genuine machine testTTTTing good deliveryDigital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : AsusApplicable Models : Zenfone 5 zenfone 6Make : Other/Other
₱ 366.00 -2%
₱ 374.00
Nokia 6120c/2220 S/3120c/6220c/6210s Motherboard
  • Digital zero parts type : MotherboardMake : Other/Other
₱ 287.00
Asus zenfone5/t00j SIM card slot deck cable
  • Digital zero parts type : CableMake : Other/Other
₱ 191.00
Lenovo tab2/s8-50f/a7-30tc/a10-70 touch display LCD screen
  • Digital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : LenovoApplicable Models : A10-70 s8-50 a7-30Make : Rui Feng
₱ 602.00 -3%
₱ 619.00
M8 luckiest man touch screen Touch Screen
  • Luckiest man soja M8 touch screen external ScreenDigital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : VApplicable Models : VMake : Touch Screen
₱ 593.00
Sony z1mini/m51w/d5503/z1compact SIM deck card slot
  • Digital zero parts type : OtherSuitable for brand : SonyApplicable Models : Z1CMake : Other/Other
₱ 129.00
Asus zenfone2laser/ze601klz011d touch display LCD screen
  • Digital zero parts type : ScreenSuitable for brand : ZenFone2LaserApplicable Models : Ze601kl z011dMake : Asus/Asus
₱ 366.00 -2%
₱ 374.00
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