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Cables and Docks: Important Mobile Phone Accessories

A mobile phone can only be as good as how it can connect with its accessories. Many phones require the appropriate accessories not just to maximize its features, but also to function entirely. Many mobile phone users even try to go all out and get every accessory that their smartphone can have, just so their devices stay unique and useful overall. Part of the line of accessories that are needed for phones are the cables and docks, which can essentially make any mobile phone a connective device for other computers and electronics around.

The Best Phone Cables and Docks in the Philippines

Many of the phone users have used a capable connector, with the USB to microUSB being used to connect to any device needed. These cables can also be used to charge the devices when hooked up with a compatible travel charger, making the smartphone cord a very diverse device. Similarly, the docks can be used to hold the phone and provide many more features that users can expect from the device. These include the speaker docks that provides loud music coming from the device, to the charging dock, where you simply place the phone onto the accessory and charge the device automatically. Finally, there is the car dock, which simply holds the phone on your car while driving, and can come with the same features as the aforementioned docks. You can learn more about the different docks and how well these devices can work when you shop on them online. The country’s premiere e-commerce site has all the available devices by the group, now available in the country today.

    Phone Cables

  • MicroUSB Cable: The standard cable for all devices, the USB cable is an important accessory for mahjoirty of the phones. These cables can be used for file transfer or for charging the device. The microUSB end often connects to the device, while the USB goes to the other device source.
  • Lightning Cable: The Lightning cable is equally an important device for other premium devices. These function similarly like the microUSB, save for being exclusive to premium devices and being much faster in file transfer.
  • Multi-Cable: Known as an all-in-one cable, this important device is made and used for connecting every end possible with the USB cable. These are especially helpful for phones who want to connect with other devices possible.


  • Speaker Dock: The speaker dock is a known device due to its ability to amplify and power up the phone’s music. This dock is like a radio, only with the phone being used as a media source.
  • Charging Dock: This device is made as a fully capable large station, allowing you to charge your phone by simply placing it on top of the device.
  • Car Holder: The Car Holder is pretty much a multi-purpose device. These gadgets can be as simple as a holder with a charging cable, or a full car media player, capable of playing music when you insert your phone onto its car port.