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T-Shirts for Men

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T-Shirt for Men

Shop For Casual Men's Shirts

Does your man love to dress down? Does he like to wear comfortable t-shirts almost everyday, even to work whenever they are allowed? Then you must often shop for shirts, either online or in a mall. Don’t take your man’s hobby of getting casual clothes for granted. Whether he likes statement shirts, muscle shirts, or graphic tees, there will always be a simple clothing that will fit him and give him a suave look.

There are some guys who sport a muscle tee on his workout, basketball game or triathlon race, while there are others who are laid-back who would prefer a plain neutral colored shirt on a regular basis. Then there are graphic tees and statement shirts that boast creativity and eye-catching designs for the creative and opinionated gentleman in your life. You can also show your affection by giving your boyfriend or husband a couple shirt that has a design that will match you personalities or attitude as a couple.

Men Shirts for that Chill Look

If you have a boyfriend, a husband, or even a brother, you may want to take time to get to know which types of clothes he may want to wear. That way, the next time you gift him with a shirt, you can know for sure that he will love the latest present he will receive from you. Take a good close look at the men’s shirts you can choose, and save all that time and energy, by taking your man for a good hour of t-shirt shopping spree.

Men's T-Shirt Philippines

    Couple Shirts

  • Material: Made with 100% cotton for most round neck and v-neck shirts
  • Features: Full print rubberized designs does not fade easily compared with other style of printing
  • Advantages: Breathable cotton cloth is easier to wear especially in this humid and tropical weather
  • Brands Available: Spoofs and Penshoppe are just some of the brands that offer couple shirts

    Polo Shirt

  • Material: Cotton and Polyester are the materials that are commonly used for polo shirts
  • Features: Two to three button placket and basic collar
  • Advantages: Collared shirts are good for semi-casual attire
  • Brands Available: A&X and Manfair are just some of the brands available for you to choose from

    Graphic Tees

  • Material: CVC fabric and Poly or Cottonblend are materials used for graphic tees
  • Features: Textile also guarantees low shrinkage and high color retention
  • Advantages: CVC is often used for work clothes, uniforms, medical and chef clothing
  • Brands Available: Lee Cooper and Spoofs and more brands are offering graphic tees