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Formal bags for a man about town

Every man about town needs a trusty functional yet stylish formal bag to carry his belongings while suiting his sense of style. A good bag should be large enough to carry the everyday essentials, but remain undisruptive of movement. It should be comfortable and convenient to handle, strong enough to whether the elements, and is designed to suit one’s personality. There are different types of bags to choose from, but one must identify his needs first.

Business bags to suit all your needs

Students and yuppies often opt to go with the classic Messenger Bag. This oversized satchel is characterized by its square shape and the adjustable long strap that allows it to be comfortably worn over the shoulder or across the chest. It has one large main compartment for larger objects, but also has smaller pockets to store knickknacks. It is well-liked by students and young professionals who need to bring many things such as a small laptop, notebooks, gadgets, and other items. Its typical shape and design keeps it from looking bulky, adding a touch of prep-school class to any outfit. On the other hand, the briefcase is the staple for businessmen on-the-go. Traditional briefcases made of hard leather are durable and lightweight, making them perfect partners when going from one meeting to another. However, designer hybrid briefcases have the added functionalities of most satchel bags. This type can have interior and exterior pockets, close with buckle straps and zippers, and can be made out of expandable synthetic materials. This design is favored by younger professionals who want the sophisticated look of a briefcase, but the functionalities of a casual bag. Finally, the laptop bag is the choice of a select few who constant need to bring their laptops with them. Usually used by tech-savvy students or professionals, these bags have padded interiors to protect their gadgets from the outside force. Most bags have one large main compartment for their laptop and other objects, and several pockets to store smaller gadgets and laptop accessories such as charging cables, USB cords, and power blocks.

    Laptop bag

  • Characteristics: Designed specifically to carry sensitive items such as a laptop, its insides have padded dividers to protect items from being damaged by movement. These bags have multiple pockets and compartments to store laptop accessories such as chargers, USB cables, and the like. Some laptop bags are in the form of a backpack, while others look like messenger bags.
  • Size: Typically, it varies from medium to large to cater to the different sizes and weights of laptops and netbooks.
  • Purpose: Made for the purpose to carrying laptops and netbooks, it is favored by tech-savvy students and businessmen who need to frequently bring their gadgets with them.

    Messenger bag

  • Characteristics: Typically described as an oversized satchel bag, this type has a long strap that can be worn over the shoulder or across the chest. Occasionally known as a courier bag, it has one large compartment, and a few smaller pockets inside or outside the bag.
  • Size: This bag can either be medium or large in size.
  • Purpose: Because of its style and versatility, it is well-liked by students and yuppies. Its size is big enough to carry school items, work items, and gadgets, while its sleek design is perfect for a well-polished, academic look.


  • Characteristics: It is prominently known for its square shape and top handles. Traditional briefcases are made of hard leather, and have only one main compartment. However, some brands have redesigned the briefcase to have satchel functionalities. The square shape and top handles are retained, but have added features such as outer pockets, buckle straps, and expandable sides.
  • Size: This is typically medium in size.
  • Purpose: The traditional briefcase, with its single compartment, is used to hold a few documents, and some work essentials such as pens, and gadgets. However, newer designs, with its added functionalities, are capable of holding more items such a small netbook, notebooks, documents, and personal effects.