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Show Your Individuality And Style With Earrings for Men

Earrings are practical and understated accessories that can effortlessly affect and enhance one’s look and vibe. Contrary to popular contemporary opinion, earrings are for men just as must as they are for women. In fact, in ancient times, these were primarily worn by males. In places like Asia, Egypt, and Assyria, these were worn by men to show that they belonged to the privileged class. They preferred accessories made from metals set with jewels like rubies and sapphires. This type of men’s jewelry was also worn by the ancient Greeks and Romans, but they were more inclined to using gems and jewels. Earrings for men was sporadically popular in Europe during the 13th century. They were also worn by the Russian Cossacks who gave them special meanings. For example, a single right earring was worn by the only sons in a family, while a single left earring was worn by sons of deceased fathers and single mothers.

Get The Best Price for Men’s Earrings In The Philippines

Today, earrings are considered fashionable accessories that suit the style preferences and individuality of the wearer. There are different types of men’s earring for sale in the country. Stud earrings are, arguably, the most popular design for males. These are minimalistic accessories that don’t draw too much attention to themselves, are lightweight, and require very little maintenance. Men’s hoop earrings are a little more eye-catching, but must not be confused with the women’s style. These are typically thick rings that fit closely enough to comfortably cuff the ear. Ear plugs are favored by punks and rockers. These are barrel-shaped ear accessories which stretch the piercing and leave a gaping hole through the ear. Dangling earrings are also available in men’s style. Unlike the ones for women, the hanging attachments of these are relatively short and inconspicuous. To find the best deals for these, check out the price list of earrings for men available online through the country’s leading internet shopping destination.

    Stud Earrings

  • Description: This kind of earring is worn through the ear piercing with metal rod through it, secured with small adjustable attachment.
  • Designs: It is typically made from skin-friendly metal like aluminum or stainless steel. The adornment can be metal, plastic, jewels, or colored stones.

    Hoop Earrings

  • Description: This earring style encircles the ear from front to back, and is worn with a thin inconspicuous rod through the piercing. For men, this type is generally a thick and close-fitting loop.
  • Designs: This type is commonly made from metals like stainless steel and aluminum. It may be plain, colored, jewel/stone embedded, or engraved.

    Ear Plugs

  • Description: This is a barrel-shaped flesh expanded that is significantly bigger than a regular earring and stretches the ear piercing.
  • Designs: Men’s ear plugs are popularly made in black and metallic hues. They are usually made of stainless steel.

    Dangling Earrings

  • Description: This type is comprised of a hoop earring with a short attachment hanging from it. Unlike the style for women, men’s dangling earrings have shorter and simpler attachments.
  • Designs: This is normally made out of hypoallergenic stainless steel or aluminum. Most hanging decorations for men’s earrings are meaning symbols, like a cross, or simple stones.