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Men’s Bracelet You can Have

Bracelets aren’t just for girls, they are for boys, too. Yes, for man like you! Take a look of those men who are accessorizing their wrist, it leaves an impression of masculinity and stylishness. These bracelets can enhance personal style and brings out the look you wanted, whatever it may be. It doesn’t matter whether you have a tight budget when it comes to jewelries, whatever your style, a wide range of bracelets got you covered only in the country’s most prominent leading online shopping site.

Bracelets for men come in different types. Aren’t sure where to start? Don’t worry, this few tips will help you to choose the best bracelet; whether bracelets encased with 18k Gold and Titanium, those casual like Leather and Gold inlay with carbon fiber, or those nautical trend bracelets that getting craze nowadays. One thing is for sure, there are different styles of bracelets ideal as gift for different occasions in life whether Father’s Day or just a simple day!

Choose Men’s Bracelets in Malaysia

Just like how clothing affects the overall look of an individual, bracelets for men are another way to touch up and “top off” the style. One good example of men’s bracelet is gold. Wearing a gold bracelet together with formal suit such as blazer’s sleeve or fitted shirt can pave a way for a more attractive and good-looking features. They can be a good alternate for a watch. Although, men’s bracelet comes from different metals, still gold is the most popular element. Gold has an innate value specifically sentimental value and once it is given as gift, a gold bracelet resembles an enduring love for it does fade easily. There are more men’s bracelets in the market; feel free to choose which of them suits you or fits your loved ones best.

    Leather Bracelets

  • Features: Offered in different colors, band is made from rubber or leather, mostly with stainless steel
  • Design: Come in plain and printed leather or embossed with interesting designs
  • Use: Leather bracelet never goes out of style. It is one of the longest trends in the world of bracelet

    Gold Plated Bracelet

  • Features: Available in 24 karats, 22, 18, 14 and 10 karats
  • Styles: Most popular gold bracelets are chain and links. Chain samples are cable, rope, byzantine and wheat. Link gold bracelet is gold watchband and ID bracelets
  • Use: This type of bracelet can be a great anchor piece, sentimental gift and/or everyday necessity

    Silver Plated Bracelet

  • Features: Purely made from silver yet less precious than gold stone. Less expensive, more stronger and does not tarnish easily
  • Styles: Designs can choose from are sterling beaded bracelet, cuff, charm, medallion, chain, and multi-stranded silver. This differ in shapes
  • Use: Ideal for casual and formal attire. A lovely addition to any jewelry collection