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Diagnostic Test as a Scientific Approach

With the latest advancement in technologies, medical science is stretching its wings to help people more! Medical tests are now performed with modern machinery which is engineered through a series of scientific procedures to produce maximum work function! Doctors, scientists, chemists and all other involved in this profession have only one primary objective: to dig out the remedy of each and every human disease that has affected mankind and subsequently making people aware regarding their prevention!

A Medical test consists of a set of proceedings which tend to be that of a medical nature performed in a manner that it enables in the detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of diseases, their causes of occurrence and so on and so forth. The base of all medical tests bears its relationship with clinical chemistry and molecular diagnostics. In order to carry out these heavy tasks, a suitable working environment is necessary. So they are performed typically in a science-friendly medical laboratory.

Proper Utilization of a Medical Test

A diagnostic test is a classification under the broad branch of medical tests. It is a checkup carried out in order to determine whether an individual is affected by that particular disease and subsequently to confirm it. It also analyses the level potential of the individual to be prone to those diseases based on the symptoms that are highlighted in the individual’s immune system. The diagnostic test has also numerous classifications. One such is the posthumous diagnosis. It is basically the study, identification, and analysis of a particular disease after the death of the person. This involves the use of modern machinery and advanced technologies to understand the ailment. It can also be defined as the attempt the of renaming of an ancient ill disease to a latest catchy modern name.

Procedure for a diagnostic test depends upon the disease and its related symptoms. For example, for a victim of blood cancer, nuclear medicine techniques are adopted. For a patient complaining of increased frequency of urination followed by thirst, diabetes mellitus is suspected and necessary operations are carried out. It is performed by measuring the level of blood sugar in the body of the individual. Blood count is calculated for a person diseased with bacterial infection or mosquito bite which is symptomatic with high and viral fever. In this diagnostic test the no. Of platelets present in blood indicates the seriousness of the disease. The lesser the count, the more fatal the condition of health.  Chest pain is diagnosed by electrocardiogram to determine the rate of heart beat and check any irregularities of cardiac nature.

Diagnostic testing is also implemented in the field of education. In this case. it measure the understanding percentage of a certain topic or subject by the student. Thus it also keeps a track upon the efficiency of the teacher. It is typically administered on reading and mathematical skills.