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Metro Manila~Mandaluyong
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Media, Music & Books: An Age-Old Tradition

Over the years, Media, Music & Books has provided plenty of reason to satisfy the mental recreation of every human being. The history of books started with the invention of paper and printing and continued to the modern day book business. Earlier the use of various skins like animal skin and trees were the medium of writing and some these writing are still preserved in various museums. From there it has been discovered that the habit of storing data or reading them has been an age-old practice. So as the culture of music, it is said the culture of music is influenced by all the aspects of a particular time and place. Media, Music & Books, has always played a vital role in the life of an individual from an early age. With the change in time additional involvements of Games, movies and musical instruments have also added to this list. Any type Books, Games, Movies & Musical Instruments can create magical moments in one’s life. So, various people and organization from all over the world have dedicated time in this field.

The Books, Games, Movies & Musical Instruments are the part of one’s recreational habit. A person loves to collect more number of such objects to his collection for enjoyment. Somehow in this busy world where everyone has become a part of a tight and competitive schedule, you can find an easy way to escape through Media, Music & Books. Big libraries, sports stadium, and multiplexes prove this fact.

Books, Games, Movies, & Musical Instruments: A Source of Enlightenment

With the advancement of the internet and various online facilities, the source of collecting more number of Books, Games, Movies & Musical Instruments has become more easy and convenient. Again people get options like downloading from various sites and sources related to Media, Music & Books. The advancement has reached such a height that people can avail various cross country Books, Games, Movies & Musical Instruments. The world has truly become a small place with the up gradation of technology. Musical Instruments are now not limited to only a few gadgets available in a particular market, but one can not only purchase but also learn a unique instrument through online sources. The more the up gradation of technology occurs, the more one can gather knowledge and experience the magic of various cultural aspects.

Every kind of books, games, movies & musical instruments reflects a particular genre and possess a story. Based on any Media, Music & Books one can learn various story and facts about a place or a time. People get more information through such medium. From ancient times people find various ways to get themselves engaged in various recreational programs, they used to invent their own games and create stories to make themselves amazed.  Some of them tried to record some of these creations on a paper and from there the tradition of writing books might have started. Some of the games which were invented in that era has been modified and are still played as major events and competition. Media, music, & books have always taught people the evolution of culture and tradition and will always add its significance in future also.