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The Great and Fun Lawn Games

There is nothing more fun than playing exciting games with friends outdoors. Many people like to play outside, whether it is for exercise or for quality leisure, or even team building with friends. Filipinos are also often masters at making games on the go such as multiple tag games, hopping and jumping games, and especially the pretend games where they can run around the field and play around. So how do you top these fun times? Well, how about getting the right items and equipment for the best lawn games possible? For some people, this is one of the greater options where kids and adults can play alongside, or with each other.

See the Available Outdoor and Lawn Games in the Philippines

Most people that kids today spend more time with mobiles and video games than going outside and playing, however the key to all of this is to simply provide good motivation for them to play outside. And sometimes, this motivation comes with the right equipment and items for lawn games. Some of these games are very popular and can be played by any person, while some are still appropriate for kids and adults despite being made for professional sports. Some date as back as the early decades, while others are made merely months or a few years ago. These games are all made to be fun and these are simply provided so that people can spend quality time outdoors and play all kinds of games that they can enjoy. You can look forward to the top online shopping site in the Philippines to see the available items today, and see how the games can work for you and your friends.


  • Overview: Badminton is one of the most fun and competitive sports in the world, however, this is also one of the most fun activities that kids and teens can play on their lawns. Hitting and smashing shuttlecocks for leisure and past time can be a really joyful moment, even if the players are not keeping score.
  • Items : A pick-up game of badminton can be done simply by having a shuttlecock and two badminton racquets. A leisure game wouldn’t even need a net, unless the area has the means to hang and provide such accessory. Some can also get two extra shuttlecocks for good measure.

    Frisbees/ Flying Discs

  • Overview: The flying disc is one of the most versatile items for outdoors since this item can be played in different games and in different areas. In a wide and large lawn, you can either go for Ultimate with your friends, or simply play catch with the disc.
  • Items : To play a flying disc game, you need a flying disc of course! But for satey measure, you should also get the appropriate gear, whether using comfortable clothes and rubber shoes, or a full outdoors attire.


  • Overview: A very traditional and gentleman’s game that dates back centuries ago, the horseshoe is a fun game that kids and adults can play. Simply toss horseshoes on a small nail and allow it to land near or hook itself on the protruding spike to win.
  • Items : To play horseshoes, you must first nail a large spike on a ground, preferably on sand or on real earth. Then, you need at least four pairs of similar horseshoes that you need to throw. That is all you need for this old-school lawn game.