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Asus laptops

Get a Hold of Different Asus Laptop Models of Your Preference

For quite some time now, Asus has been leading in the personal electronics category, releasing a variety of devices that most people would all like to have. This multinational company develops phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops; all with varying sets and series that target many types of users. The group’s idea of simultaneously releasing their products each year not only shows the lengths and capabilities of the brand, but also try to reach out every person that would be interested in getting a very reliable Asus device. In the case of their notebooks, the Asus laptop in has been strongly marketed as a go to PC for any type of task at hand.

The Asus Laptop: Basic in Name, Premium in Performance

For the past few years, the company’s different devices have made world-wide success, often lauded for the dependability and advancements they have given to gamers, professionals, casual users, and even first-timers. The Asus laptop reviews, in particular, are all about highly due recognition for their reliable devices, their thin form factors, and elegant design. While the ultrabooks and gaming laptops are all receiving their praises, their basic laptops aren’t one to be left out on.

In , the Asus notebook displays exhilarating design and effortless usage, making the device one of the more versatile computers; capable of running games, performing media-related tasks, and help make and save documents and important files for work. The personal computer is generally made to be dependable, all with the Asus laptop price on a budget.

Why choose Asus as your laptop?

  • The laptops are durable, and are made to be used for a long period of time..
  • The laptops are designed and crafted using the most appropriate materials for performance and design.
  • Asus is the most well-known manufacturer of laptops and other electronic devices.
  • The brand capitalizes on the Intel technology, boosting its capabilities to their max potential

    Asus X series

  • Overview: The X series of laptops is described as the brand’s most versatile laptop for casual use, work, and play. The device also holds the brand’s ongoing motif of having a slim form factor, and sleek design. The PC’s specs are also interchangeable depending on performance.
  • Specs and Features.: This Intel laptop runs Windows 8.1 OS on an Intel Core i7 5500U processor. The laptops come with a 1080p Full-HD resolution, with a full-responsive keyboard. The devices come with a maximum of 2TB HDD or 128GB SSD storage within its DDR3 PC RAM.
  • Available devices: Among the brand’s traditional X series laptops include theX302LA, the X555LJ and the 14-inch X451MA.

    Asus N series

  • Overview: The N series serves as Asus’ resident multimedia device, coming in with the most impressive and visually-appealing features and sound resolution.
  • Specs and Features.: The N series laptop comes with a Free DOS interface, allowing you to install any OS, although most compatible with Windows 8.1. The laptop runs on the 4th gen Intel Core i7 4720HQ processor, with a DDR3 RAM, expandable up to 16GB. The PC’s display has Full-HD resolution with an optional touch interface. The device has a storage capacity of 2TB HDD, or 256GB SSD.
  • Available devices: So far, the N551JB is the brand’s current and only version of the media laptop.

    Asus EeeBook

  • Overview: The EeePC is the brand’s netbook series, made to be portable, durable, and fast. The Asus netbook is also one of the most connective with multiple ports and connectivity features to support other devices.
  • Specs and Features.:The EeeBook laptop runs Windows 7 Basic OS, with an update to Windows 109 coming soon, on an Intel Atom Cedar TrailN2600 processor. The laptop comes in a 10-inch LED Backlight WSVGA screen with VGA, USB, HDMI, LAN, and multiple card readers on its form. The laptop comes with a 320GB/500GB HDD storage, and 2GB RAM.
  • Available phones: The EeeBook laptops include the Eee PC 1015CX, and the Eee PC X101CH .