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Lampshade: The Best Lighting for Reading Books!

Lampshades are perfect for providing focused lighting on a particular object. However, it is used by many people for decorative purposes and as a bed lamp. This fixture is designed to cover the light bulb on a lamp in order to diffuse the light emitted from the bulb and change the direction of the focus of the light. There are many shapes of lampshades available on the market. Some are conical, some are cylindrical. However, lampshades are categorized into some of the basic shapes like drum, bell, empire, and coolie. A drum is something that looks like a cylinder. It features vertical sides with a very slight incline. With all these shapes, the top of the lamp is usually smaller than the bottom. This way the lighting will be focused on the bottom where you can place an object that needs lighting like food, books, etc. 

Lampshades are also available in classic empire shape. It got the name "empire" because it gives a look that is similar to the lamps available in the palaces. The lamps with pyramidal-style shape are called coolies. The ones with bell-curved sides are known as bells. Other shapes include squares, hexagon, cut-corner, gallery, scalloped, and oval shapes. These modern shapes are pretty popular among the customers because of their beautiful designs and innovative features. If you are planning to decorate your house with lampshades, then you can choose one of these stylish shapes and light up your house accordingly. 

Lampshades: With Great Features and a Variety of Models!

Lampshades come in a variety of models that can be mounted on to the desk or table and sometimes be attached to the wall. They are made of many different materials while keeping the quality in mind. The manufacturers of these products ensure that all of these products go through severe quality testing measures and other steps before shipping them out to the customers. Some of these lampshades are designed in such a way that they can be hung from the ceiling too. There is a significant emphasis given to these lampshades apart from their original purpose of diverting the light. It is the decorative and aesthetic properties. 

Lampshades are extremely good for decorating your house and office because they give an artistic and creative look. While doing so, they also ensure that the light does not fall on the human eyes directly. Especially when you are having food or reading a book, you do not want the harsh light from the bulb to directly fall on your face and eyes. This is when a lampshade comes into the picture and cuts the direct glare of an illuminated bulb. You can get many types of lampshades depending on the material that you would like to choose. The materials include fabric, net, plastic, glass, paper, parchment etc. Go ahead and get one of these lampshades today and enjoy the beauty of your room in a beautifully shaded lighting effect.