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Home Kitchen Utensils

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Stainless Steel Can Opener
(1 reviews)
  • [Open cans is upgrade version] thickness increase head more strong use more at ease the tool primary for open From the/dismantling metal seal canned, Attached with beer open bottle is function! Note: The A times use the by product Shangdea arrow buckle tight after clockwise rotation, Use the two, gear should each other snap! Such as will not use can be contact customer service to video version of the Use method!Item No. : Can OpenerMain figure textile parts : Independent photo shoot MapWeight : About 183gSize : Long 20 cm/wide 5 cmMaterial : Zinc copper alloyPurpose : Open a variety of metal seal canned, beer bottle cover and so on.
₱ 247.00 -27%
₱ 338.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Non-stick Wooden Slice
(2 reviews)
  • Introducing the latest collection from Taobao on Lazada.Buy More to Save More on shipping fees. Happy Shopping!
₱ 431.00
Hong Kong SAR China
11pcs Measuring Spoon and Cup Set
  • Introducing the latest collection from Taobao on Lazada.Buy More to Save More on shipping fees. Happy Shopping!
₱ 193.00 -32%
₱ 283.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Home squeeze clip garlic peeling garlic Device
  • 263g thick New style, material foot, kitchen garlic press, store with video watch.Make : Youjia excellent productItem No. : 10010Material : Metal
₱ 349.00 -54%
₱ 754.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Wood home spoon cooking oblique shovel spatula
  • Make : Day living ShiMaterial : BeechStyle : Japanese-style
₱ 241.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Garlic manual home garlic is machine
(1 reviews)
  • Patented genuine quality assurance convenient healthMake : BitefuItem No. : Btf-8Material : PlasticBlade Number : Ex-factory comes with 3 blade, such as to be spare blade, the other to buyPhysical Mechanical Principles : ManualFunction : Twist garlic stir food broken dish, broken garlic cut pepper grinder meatMaterial : Food grade PP plastic + stainless steel blade
₱ 340.00 -14%
₱ 395.00
Hong Kong SAR China
KM Japanese-style Gourd Shaped Can Opener
(2 reviews)
  • Recommended: 1, multi-caliber design, three, regular caliber design, practical convenient: 2, soft performance good, multi-caliber Keyi separation combination, Can be open bottle diameter range 1-9 cm: 3, bottle opener inside for vertical striped design, can be effective increase and cap the friction force, easily open the bottle cap:Make : KMItem No. : 373Main figure textile parts : Independent photo shoot Map
₱ 159.00 -18%
₱ 193.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Cut melon stainless steel large Apple slice is
  • Appearance patented thick blade to send spoon 1Make : OnlycookItem No. : OCXGQ050
₱ 522.00 -49%
₱ 1,032.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Aceqicheng kitchen utensil set best 10 PCs cookware (best G)
  • Aceqicheng cooking utensils set best 10 PCs tools for nonstick cookware SiliconeMake : Aceqicheng
₱ 763.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Multi-functional Nut Cracker
  • Factory direct quality assurance with bad guaranteed compensationMake : De MingItem No. : DM-HTJ
₱ 294.00 -55%
₱ 652.00
Hong Kong SAR China
10-pack Measuring Spoons for Baking
(1 reviews)
  • Make : Myouya/MYOUYAItem No. : M-measuring spoon 10
₱ 204.00
Hong Kong SAR China
BEST Stainless Steel Measuring Cup and Spoon Set
(1 reviews)
  • Make : A hundred Shen Steel ProductsItem No. : Measuring cup 4 sets
₱ 265.00 -31%
₱ 383.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Large Solid Wood Cutting Board
  • Whole wood cutting, natural environmentally friendly health.
₱ 1,080.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Yousiju Garlic Press
  • Garlic press two one walnut clip, flavor garlic a pressure both the, simple and quick operation simple, light a pressure, pressure the delicious. Also comes with a clip walnut function, let you no longer have to do not to play not open walnut and troubleMake : YousijuItem No. : Wu
₱ 283.00 -3%
₱ 292.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Home kitchen bamboo sticky board breadboard
  • Stainless steel handle to send rolling pin chopsticksCHANTI : Chinese MainlandMake : Shan NiuThe handmade : IsItem No. : 0304Suitable for people : VolkswagenStyle : ChineseSize : 60*40Material : BambooShape : RectangularPackaging type : Single Piece Package
₱ 2,550.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Inomata food bag sealing clip seal clip
  • Packaging volume : 3.2 cm * 24.7 cmBrand : InomataGross Weight : 0.05 kgItem No. : 6206
₱ 184.00 -26%
₱ 247.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Vegetable fruit meat three color cutting board
  • Three-color cutting board, cutting board also with pattern, convenient compartmental fish and vegetables class meat the Fzmm use, with a cutting board rackCHANTI : Other Overseas AreaMake : CimelaxItem No. : 562276Size : Long 32.8 wide 23 high 7.20 cmMaterial : PlasticShape : RectangularPackaging type : Combination of equipment
₱ 1,161.00 -24%
₱ 1,519.00
Hong Kong SAR China
IKEA Stainless Steel Garlic Press Pounder
  • Food grade stainless steel, kitchen good helper, pressure garlic automatic to leather, convenient and quick, province to very multi-time, durable good cleaningMake : IKEA
₱ 350.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Lovewall baking with a scale measuring spoon
  • White pink selectable New Material environmentally friendly tasteless section area ShippingMake : AMW/lovewallItem No. : 20744
₱ 195.00 -29%
₱ 276.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Home clams dish pier Iron wood cutting board
  • [Vietnam authentic] Iron wood cutting board home whole clams dish pier antibacterial chopping board breadboardCHANTI : Other Overseas AreaMake : Lingnan SchoolItem No. : Iron wood cutting board AB0231Size : 20cmMaterial : WoodShape : RoundPackaging type : Single Piece Package
₱ 1,260.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Large Solid Wood Cutting Board
  • Whole wood cutting, natural environmentally friendly health.
₱ 937.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Fancy egg open egg is sliced cut egg is
  • Egg slices do not easy to, to get is not good yellow broken clear loose, with cut egg is on the convenient multi-The, can own do sandwich Luo ~ General cut egg is cut out of things, are very neat look good. In addition to cut egg other than, also can used to cut other food, like to do western the on lettuce in the cheese, also can with cut egg is to cut. With front to the cut egg is with water hot with a single click, cut the egg yolk on will not stick to live!Brand : EchoItem No. : 0336-074
₱ 319.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Double-sided loose meat hammer steak hammer tender meat needle
  • Exported Germany one-piece piece zinc alloy stainless steel color knock Meat hammer, uniform shot hit Meat block, to make it more good tasty, more have Chewy! Soft Rubber black handle, zinc alloy double-sided needle, is home and tender meat, to do steak pork chop the Good Helper!Item No. : Loose Meat hammer tender meat needleMolding : Double-sided one-piece pieceNet weight : About 293gMaterial : Zinc AlloyColor : Stainless steel colorLength : 22.5 cm
₱ 855.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Baking scale for weighing spoon
  • A can only in seasoning spoon, 9 speed quantitative, size double headed; Food Grade ABS material, Environmentally friendly non-toxic no smell, strong and durable!Make : Home homeItem No. : K6316
₱ 143.00 -4%
₱ 149.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Large Solid Wood Cutting Board
  • Whole wood cutting, natural environmentally friendly health.
₱ 1,294.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Home plastic antibacterial anti-mold cutting board
  • Korean original imported compartmental cutting board combination suit compartmental use compartmental placed refused to cross infection hazard UNEEED food safety food grade PP material use more at easeCHANTI : Other Overseas AreaMake : Shinyoung (Xin Rong)Suitable for people : VolkswagenStyle : KoreanSize : 34 cm × 22.4 cmMaterial : PlasticShape : RectangularPackaging type : Combination of equipment
₱ 1,197.00 -22%
₱ 1,539.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Plain small plastic bag snack sealing clip seal clip
  • In a PP material made of, health environmentally friendly, 5 a dress cheap affordable, Not to eat after the snack, with sealing clip the bag clip tight, sealed moisture-proof, Save for a long time is not easy to bad, convenient you the life.Make : Home homeItem No. : P0239
₱ 129.00 -5%
₱ 136.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Stainless steel squeeze garlic mud garlic press
  • Make : HAOFANGBIANItem No. : HfbdhysqMaterial : Metal
₱ 790.00 -72%
₱ 2,851.00
Hong Kong SAR China
2g Notoginseng powder quantitative spoon stainless steel measuring spoon
  • Stainless steel 250ml deep measuring spoon four, specifications 60ml measuring cup 80ml measuring spoon 125ml gaugesMake : Bao, YanItem No. : A0-LS1Craft : With mouth spoon g
₱ 211.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Open Shell Australia Hu Taoxia Wei Yi fruit
  • Hawaiian Fruit open the, professional sale Hawaiian Fruit shell, handle large not Le hand, volume large is not easy to lost, is home to open nuclear tool.
₱ 230.00 -40%
₱ 382.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Living Without Limits home squeeze garlic large garlic press
  • Berserk in the long design kitchen small helper
₱ 905.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Fancy Egg slicer cut egg is
  • 304 stainless steel material, is not easy to rust, with gloss textured good, a multi-purpose, Eggs, egg, Strawberry, Rhesus peach and other are can be use, operation simple, easily cut block, Convenient you the life.Make : Home homeItem No. : K8259
₱ 349.00 -10%
₱ 388.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Australia LAN cup milk powder measuring spoon stainless steel measuring spoons
  • 304 stainless steelMake : OwnlandItem No. : 806-Z-004AA
₱ 831.00 -52%
₱ 1,719.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Breadboard and noodle dough large chopping board Bamboo Cutting Board
  • CHANTI : Chinese MainlandMake : Good HousekeepingThe handmade : NoItem No. : E0790Suitable for people : VolkswagenStyle : ChineseSize : 50*35*1.5 cmMaterial : BambooShape : RectangularPackaging type : Single Piece Package
₱ 770.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Stainless steel fruit slicer large slice cut fruit is
  • Traditional with a knife cut watermelon the way out of, not only not health, and is not easy, try our for you to prepare the multi-functional cutter bar ~ Can the watermelon even the cut into a 12 equal parts, in a high quality stainless steel blade, health safety, practical convenient, trial watermelon, melon and other fruit, convenient and practical, clean and health
₱ 360.00 -31%
₱ 521.00
Hong Kong SAR China
₱ 430.00 -57%
₱ 999.00
Hong Kong SAR China
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