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Keyless Entry – Full Control Without Any Keys

The latest technology that has changed the way people live their lives is the keyless entry system. No more losing keys or suffering lockouts; you can now enter your house just by entering a simple personal code. Keyless entry works on the system of an electronic lock that gives access to a building or car. This system works both for convenience and safety. It either operates by the system of code recognition or through touch-activated keypad. In other words, keyless entry or remote central locking refers to a lock that uses an electronic remote control as a key, which gets activated by a hand-held device or proximity to activate the sensor.

Using a keyless entry is both safe and convenient. It saves people from the hassle of using keys for their locks and having a fear of losing them. In addition, each keyless entry unit has a specific code only for that specific vehicle or door. Some of the widely used keyless entry systems include the programmable key system which has a keypad located near the handle and numeric buttons programmed with a code. There is also the Key fob system where the key is fitted with a microchip and has a remote unit in the form of a keychain with a lock-unlock button. By getting closer to the fob, one can manually open by pressing the unlock button. The smart key system works on keys fitted with a microchip. Simply walking up to the car will trigger the lock/unlock system. Finally, there is the trunk opening system, where the trunk can be opened with a button that is activated by foot. This system helps drivers in loading and unloading when their hands are full. Smart key in tandem with the kick release adds to the security of the vehicle.

Foolproof Security through Keyless Entry Cars

The keyless entry cars allow you to enter the car with a single push of a button on the vehicles Remote Locking Key Fob. They have a keyless remote, which contains a short-range radio transmitter so that the car can be opened even from far, but within a certain range, usually five to 20 meters. When the button is pushed, it sends a coded signal to the receiver unit through radio waves, which locks or unlocks the door.

A remote keyless entry system (RKE) unlocks the doors and a remote keyless ignition system (RKI) starts the engine. Nowadays passive keyless entry (PKE) has been introduced, where the driver locks/ unlocks or even starts the engine of the car without taking out the keys from the pocket or handbag. The car can open or the engine can start by simply pushing the button on the handle or the dashboard. Keyless entry, once a luxury, has now become a standard option and a simple hassle-free safety measure.