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The Juicer and Extractor are Simple and Efficient Means for Natural Juice Drinks

Whether you are on a healthy diet or you need to beat the summer heat, a cool refreshing and healthy drink serves both the purposes. A juicer and extractor are the perfect devices that help you to produce juices and extracts from your favorite fruits and vegetables, and they have become more commonplace now than ever. A juicer crushes grinds and squeezes the juice out of the pulp of fruits and vegetables. Juicers nowadays are manufactured with a lot of versatility and some juicers can also function as food processing units. Juicers can be automated electric or manual. Electric juicers utilize electricity for running a motor, while mechanical manual juicers bring about juicing by the user pressing or grinding a piece of fruit or vegetable. Multifunction juicers can also be used for performing various other functions, such as making pasta, noodles, breadsticks, baby foods and also grinding coffee to name a few.

Juicing at home using these devices has several benefits. The juice that you produce is free of any chemical preservatives and added flavors as opposed to processed juices. Freshly prepared juices are considerably richer in antioxidants, minerals and vitamin content which make them a healthy alternative to processed juices that are commonly found on the market.

Juicer and Fruit Extractor Provides Quality Juice-Making

A juicer and fruit extractor work on the simple principle of squeezing the juice out of a crushed and ground pulp. Keeping that in mind, these culinary gadgets can be of different types, differing the way they bring about this task. Both automated and manual juicers extract juice using different protocols. They can be easy to assemble and disassemble and are excellent at extracting juices from fruits.

Reamers have a ridged conical center along which a halved fruit is pressed and ground for extracting the juice and discarding the rind. They may be mechanical or electric. Centrifugal juicers are the most common type of juicers that are available and they bring about juicing by spinning a metal blade at a high speed against a mesh filter. These juicers can be made to operate at a specific motor speed, depending on the type of juice required. They are generally cheap, and juicing is rapid.

Masticating juicers or cold-press juicers are also available which use a specialized drill bit known as an auger to crush, before pressing the fruits and vegetables to extract juice. They are highly efficient in extraction, even from fibrous foodstuffs. Another variant is the triturating juicer which has two augers to crush and press the produce. A steam juice extractor uses generated steam to heat fruits, generally berries, which are kept in a perforated pot. The steam extracts the juice from the fruits, which is collected in the juice collecting container stacked immediately below. Due to the absence of any mechanical methods of juicing, the product is rich in antioxidants, clear and has high keeping quality due to partial pasteurization accomplished by the steam heating. Masticators and steam extracts operate very quietly, with minimal noise levels.