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The AV Receivers for Cars: Unlimited Fun on the Road!

The AV receivers are probably one of the most popular inventions of human beings. For easy understanding, an audio/video receiver or an AV receiver is a device that helps you hear audio and see the corresponding video through a speaker and a screen. Televisions, DVD players, Blu-ray disks, and VCR players are all types of AV receivers you have around your house. High-quality AV receivers are great investments because these can pave way for unlimited fun and entertainment wherever you are.

The DVD player is one of the most popular types of receivers most people invest on. While a TV can only play programs that are decided by individual channels, you can choose what you want to play in a DVD player. These are also small enough to be carried around and connected anywhere if you want to enjoy a good movie or a pre-recorded program. DVD players became popular only in the late 1990s with Sony creating the first model in 1994. Over the years, people have started to love portable, high-quality DVD models and technologically they are getting amazingly advanced with time.

Car DVD Players for A Memorable Road Trip

Imagine taking your kids with you on a long drive. They invariably get bored in less than an hour and start getting into mischief or start complaining. Making kids sit in a place for hours together is definitely not an easy task. In such cases, a car DVD player can be a great entertainment source. You can take with you a lot of cartoons or kid friendly movies or educational videos and play them on your car DVD system when they start getting bored. Such car DVD sets are also great when you travel as a group and you want something to keep everyone happy and excited all the time. The choices with playing your own audio/video are endless.

A lot of AV receivers for cars come with other in-built features like a GPS system for easy navigation, FM/AM radio if you want to hear the local hits and even connectivity with other external ports including USB drives, flash cards, audio jacks, AUX cables etc. Few models of car DVD players have direct control to your iPod or your iPhone and this is such a cool way to play the songs that you want in one touch.

There are different sizes of the DVD players available for different models of cars and ensure that you know which one suits your car before you invest on one. The bigger the screen size, the better will the video be, but you should check if your car’s interior can accommodate it. LED lights, anti-glare screens, touch panel options, direct connectivity to Bluetooth, remote controlling options, steering wheel control, multi -language display are all some features you can choose from. Choose wisely and you and your family and friends can have a lot of fun with an installable AV DVD player inside your car.