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Keep Your Patients Comfortable in the Hospital Beds

A hospital bed is not just a simple bed. It is a specialized type of bed that is designed to fulfill all the requirements of the hospital environment. They are designed for those who have to stay in the hospital or for sick people who need to get enough bed rest due to an illness or trauma. A hospital bed has several benefits for the patients as well as the nurses and caregivers. The head and feet of the beds can be adjusted which is highly beneficial for patients having back problems, difficulty in breathing or problems with motility.

These beds are comfortable which gives the patients the ability to eat their meals, watch TV or read books. The presence of side rails in these beds primarily prevents the patient from rolling out of bed by accident. The rails also give the patients who struggle with getting in or out something to hold onto making their task much easier. The overall height of the beds can also be raised or lowered which gives the patient and the caregivers flexibility which can aid in certain circumstances. The hospital beds have wheels which makes it easier to move the bed to different locations whenever required. The wheels can also be locked in order to keep the bed in place. The mattresses used for hospital beds are made using a thick, washable vinyl which can be scrubbed, disinfected and cleaned.

Avail Good Quality Medical Beds in the Philippines for Fast Recovery

There are several different kinds of medical beds available in the market which differs based on the types of situations and the conditions of the patients. They serve different purposes of treatments as well. The multifunctional electric bed provides comfort to patients with paralysis, the disabled and the elderly people. Added features like cushions, extendable rod for infusion bottle, food table, commode pot, safety straps and shampoo basin are also present. They have several functions for the faster recovery of the patient. The bed can be transformed into a standing bed or chair for reduction of bed sores. The hand and foot rehabilitation training function is useful for patients having difficulty walking. The hand and the lower body trainers help in muscle rehabilitation.

The ambulance stretcher is another type of medicinal bed made of high strength aluminium alloy which can be easily sterilised and cleaned. The surface of the bed is made of foamed cushion which is waterproof and safe to use. The safety lock of the stretcher allows it to be locked up when the patients are transported and opened while loading onto the ambulance. The anti bedsore mattress has a bubble pad which provides superior therapeutic treatment. The numerous individual bubble cells are inflated and deflated every 5 minutes so that too much pressure is never applied to any affected area. These beds provide a consistent air flow and alternating pressure and are designed to be used for the prevention, treatment and management of pressure ulcers and bed sores.