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Audio Amplifier: Boosting Your Music Listening Experience

The major functional advantage of an audio amplifier is that it amplifies the capabilities of the connected devices and creates an impressive and pleasant output. A plethora of options are available to pick from when it comes to selecting a professional power amplifier. With a power consumption of 600 watts and a power impedance of 8 ohms, the audio amplifier runs on a nominal power supply. These amplifiers are available to cover up for multiple purposes including for home theaters, open mic concerts and even to boost the music system set up in your car. Selecting the right equipment depends solely on your requirement.

With the advance in technology, audio amplifiers have been upgraded to accommodate more output ports to connect multiple devices and produce an amplified and distortion-less output without much hiatus. The Bluetooth Amplifier can be powered by a 12-volt DC Power input as well as the normal AC input and has a USB port as an extra add-on. The compactly designed amplifier supports SD card storage as well as has an extra provision for Echo control. For the music lovers who are looking for an upgrade to your speakers in your cars, the 2 Channel, 12-volt car digital amplifier is the best pick. With a very low distortion rate in the region of 0.001%, the output is near perfect and supports, MP3, FM and USB playback.

AV Receiver: Fulfilling your Audio/Video Requirements

Home theaters have been the rage for the while since its inception and have taken the market of audio and visuals by storm. With a considerable number of speakers, sound systems and woofers with extra bass and similar powerful devices available to pick from, it becomes extremely difficult to club them together and perform as a single unit with minimum distortion or loss of sound. This task of organizing all the interconnected devices and blasting out the sound as from a single source is a tedious task in itself as compatibility issues may jump in. This is resolved considerably by the help of an AV receiver. The AV receiver accounts for the overall capability and effectiveness of the entire home theater system in place as this is the main and central component that binds the entire system together.

The older variants only had the responsibility to connect the speakers to the main source to produce the sound, but with the emerging of digital devices, the AV receiver is used to connect all speakers and drivers along with AV input as well.  It also comes with the provision to adjust volume, bass, and other sound controls and mix up the functionalities of the speakers as well. This helps you to enjoy music the way you prefer it to be heard. The AV receiver system is easily the best configuration for speakers available in today’s time. These devices are available in a wireless version as well with Bluetooth connectivity. It supports all major formats that include MP3, WMA, FLAC, and MPEG-4/AAC and has an ability for Auto speaker calibration.