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Electric Outdoor Barbecue Grill-(Black)
(477 reviews)
  • Barbeque Grill
  • Material: Durable stainless steel heating elements
  • Automatic Control with thermostat
  • Cool touch hands
  • Size: 49 x 25 x 7c m
₱ 449.00 -80%
₱ 2,299.00
More sellers from ₱ 597.79
Tronix Aircon Timer/ ACT-20 / Appliance Protector & Energy Saver
(22 reviews)
  • Saves energy
  • Protects appliances
  • Recommended for window-type airconditioners rated at 3HP and below
₱ 1,490.00
New Fast Heating Electric Water Heater Basin Faucet Hot/Cold Mixer Water Taps
(10 reviews)
  • Rated voltage: 220V/50HZ
  • Rated power: 3000W
  • Waterproof grade: 1PX4
  • Diameter: General diameter
  • Cord length: 1.5m
  • High temperature resistant
  • High shape stability
₱ 1,692.00 -50%
₱ 3,384.00
1500W Portable Stainless Steel Water Boiler Heater Buy 1 Take 1
(36 reviews)
  • Quick Water Boiler
  • 220V/1500W
  • Stainless Steel Heating Element
  • Good for heating Coffee and Water
₱ 248.99 -77%
₱ 1,098.00
Electric Barbecue Grill Outdoor BBQ
(93 reviews)
  • Barbeque Grill
  • Material: Durable stainless steel heating elements
  • Size(cm): 49 x 25 x 7
  • Automatic Control with thermostat
  • Cool touch hands
₱ 541.00 -76%
₱ 2,299.00
Heavy Duty Portable Stainless Steel Water Heater/ Boiler
(18 reviews)
  • 1500W Quick Water Boiler
  • Stainless Steel Heating Element
  • Good for heating Water
  • Easy and Safe use
₱ 209.00 -58%
₱ 499.00
Analog Thermometer Hygrometer Wall-mounted DYWSJ
  • Specification: Temperature Range: -20℃~50℃ Humidity Range: 10%RH~90%RH Temperature Error: <10℃: ±2℃,  10℃~25℃: ±1.5℃, >25℃: ±2℃ Humidity Error: <40%RH: ±7%RH,  40%RH~75%RH: ±5%RH,   >75%RH: ±7%RH Use for: Home, office, hotel, restaurant, school, meeting rooms, factories, shopping malls, warehouses, waiting room, hospital, yard, garden, etc. Humidity Calibration Method: SPAN style='mso-list: Ignore'>1.     Put a wet towel to cover at the back of meter or wrap up the entire about 30 minutes.
₱ 375.00 -50%
₱ 750.00
Qunda KT-CR08E+ Carrier Air-con Remote Control
(2 reviews)
  • Qunda KT-CR08E+ Carrier Air-con Remote Control
  • Carrier Air-con Remote Control
  • Setting via Digital Search Mode
  • No Codes to input
  • More than 8 meters transmitting distance
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (Not Included)
₱ 350.00
11pcs Multi-function Domestic Household Sewing Machine Presser Foot - intl
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: approx. 112g
  • Usage: Sewing machine accessories
  • 11pcs sewing machine presser feet set, quite useful
₱ 518.00 -58%
₱ 1,244.00
D&D Stainless Steel Steamer Cookware Multi-functional Three Layers
(15 reviews)
  • Material:Stainles Steel
  • Size:28cm&Three Layers
  • Suitable for all kinds of heat sources
  • More durable than traditional pots for a lifetime of use; stainless-steel lid; stainless-steel handles permanently secured with stainless-steel rivets
₱ 799.00 -33%
₱ 1,200.00
JUKI 110sz/180sz electric home multi-functional thick sewing machine
(1 reviews)
  • JUKI juki multifunction sewing machine 180SZ, New Generation of swing shuttle-type sewing machine! 7 kinds of multi-functional stitch, automatic wear line, four step automatic keyhole, presser foot pressure adjustable, stitch length and width adjustable, Can do straight stitch, zigzag sewing, stitching sewing, Stitch, dark sewing, edging, sewing, Copy side, sewing zip, nail button, lock eye, patch embroidery, darn, patchwork, E embroidered! 2016 degrees hot selling models!Make : Juki/JUKI
₱ 5,784.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 365.38
Electronic Coffee Cup Warmer
(34 reviews)
  • Product Material: ABS
  • No flame, no smoke
  • Keep any hot beverage always warm
  • Great for office, bedroom, kitchen or camping
₱ 151.99 -75%
₱ 600.00
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11-piece Multifunction Presser Foot Spare Parts Accessories for Sewing Machine
(8 reviews)
  • 11 piece foot set for low shank sewing machines
  • Fits most home domestic sewing machines built after 1980 that have a low-shank system
  • Fits most sewing machine brands such as such as Brother, Butterfly, Singer, Janome, YOKOYAM, Fanghua505A, Feiyue, Juki, IKEA and other low-shank domestic sewing machines
  • Compact Kit, brand new and high quality, very functional for all your sewing needs.
  • Use them as a fashion accent on blouses and dresses, as border for sheer curtains, or as a flounce for bedspreads, skirts, etc.
₱ 599.00 -40%
₱ 999.00
(2 reviews)
  • No electric power cost or motor
  • Push button water tap
  • Water Guard
  • Easy to install without using tool
  • Unique Shape Design
  • Light and convenient, space saving
₱ 699.00 -60%
₱ 1,747.00
3M Filtrete Aircon Filter Trial Pack Set of 3
(2 reviews)
  • Captures airborne particles including dust, pollen, mold, pet dander and smoke
  • Turns your air conditioner into an air purifier
  • Replace every 2 months
₱ 891.00 -10%
₱ 990.00
Tiger home multi-functional mini Machine Needle sewing machine needles
  • A bag price a package 10 pieces of equipment. Factory large amount client contact Customer Service BENSE.O shop long-term wholesale a variety of models needle authentic tiger wholesale.Make : Tiger
₱ 121.00 -1%
₱ 122.00
King's Simple Portable Handheld Sewing Machine (Color may vary)
(2 reviews)
  • Please look for product images and description for guide and troubleshooting.
  • Advisable for small work and avoid using to very thin cloth such as silk.
  • 100% Brand New
  • Color Sent Randoomly
  • Adopt ABS and metal materials to ensure its quality
  • This portable and cordless handheld mini sewing machine is great for simple repairs or sewing anything on the go.
  • Pocket size design is convenient to carry on the go, and easy-to-use design is convenient to operate.
₱ 199.00 -67%
₱ 599.00
Fujidenzo DS-65SC 65L Infrared Tableware Sterilizer (Silver)
(2 reviews)
  • 65 liters Infrared Tableware Sterilizer
  • 220 V/60Hz/600W
  • 3000 hours of infrared lamp life
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria, virus, and germs in just 20 minutes
  • Tempered glass door
  • Heavy duty design
  • Anti-deformation structure
  • Full stainless steel
₱ 4,998.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 315.72
Lpg Gas Regulator - Solane
  • A pressure regulator is a valve that automatically cuts
  • off the flow of a liquid or gas at certain pressure
  • Regulators are used to allow high-pressure fluid supply lines or tanks to be reduced to safe usable pressures
  • High Quality
₱ 650.00 -13%
₱ 750.00
16 Pcs Fabric Bias Tape Maker Set for Binder Foot Sewing Craft Tools - intl
(4 reviews)
  • A precision tool
  • Can be folded fabric into perfect halves automatically
  • Create your own bias tapes in minutes
  • For Binder Foot Sewing Craft Tools
₱ 650.00 -53%
₱ 1,380.00
Korean style single door storage bag refrigerator cover cloth
  • Make : Home homeThe handmade : NoMaterial : OtherPopular Elements : Pastoral StyleStyle : KoreanDustproof cover type : Dual-purpose Refrigerator Dust CoverShape : Square
₱ 190.00 -4%
₱ 198.00
Shellane regulator w/ push & guage 1C-368 W31 568206 W31
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • High quality
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • White
₱ 1,942.50
Household Electric Fan protection network Dustproof Cover
  • Taiwan imported fan guard color randomMake : Udilife/UdiLife
₱ 168.00
5 in 1 Multipurpose Magnetic Refrigerator Shelf
  • Multipurpose
  • 5 storage arrangement
  • No drilling needed
  • Strong magnetic force
  • Space saving innovatio
₱ 589.00 -61%
₱ 1,497.00
Universal LPG Gas Stove Hose Regulator
(3 reviews)
  • Durable
  • Top quality
  • Good Product Design
  • Household use
₱ 399.00 -43%
₱ 699.00
D&D Stainless Steel Steamer Cookware Multi-functional Single
  • Material:Stainles Steel
  • Size:28cm
  • Suitable for all kinds of heat sources
  • More durable than traditional pots for a lifetime of use; stainless-steel lid; stainless-steel handles permanently secured with stainless-steel rivets
₱ 599.00 -40%
₱ 1,000.00
Pantree Pots and Pans Organizer
  • First cookware organizer that uses vertical space in your base kitchen cabinets to organize your cookware Pots, pans & lids fit easily in your cabinets Find and use your cookware easily Dimensions: 13" (D) x 19" (H)
₱ 204.00 -74%
₱ 799.00
DIY natural thick hemp rope
  • Factory direct varieties of completed Bangladesh National High Quality jute yarn rope qualities of yellow hemp flavor full of DIY handmade tag photo wall dedicated Rope home DIY back wall decorative straps welcome to buy, Large amount contact: 13562307362.Make : DIYItem No. : Yellow hemp ropeYellow hemp rope : 1-14mm 3 strand, 4 strand
₱ 192.00 -2%
₱ 195.00
PN1122 Remote Control For Panasonic Air Conditioner
(1 reviews)
  • Model: OEM Replacement
  • Easy to use,no need programming
  • Condition:New,check carefully before send out
  • Compatible for: A75C2600 A75C3299 A75C2602 etc
₱ 349.00 -30%
₱ 500.00
Tokina TGR/MB-Gauge-AE LPG Regulator
  • For Manila Gas LPG tanks
  • With gauge
  • Anti-explode safety feature
  • Durable and high quality
  • Denmark technology
  • Rubber gasket inside fitting
₱ 379.75
12V DC Motor (Gray)
(2 reviews)
  • Voltage range: 3.0-12V
  • Rated voltage: 9V
  • No load speed: 20160
  • No load current: 680MA
  • Maximum current: 3.8A
  • Rated torque: 600G.for CM
  • Rated power: 20W
  • Starting torque: 1000G. for CM
₱ 400.00 -43%
₱ 700.00
28mm Circular Cut Blade Patchwork Fabric Leather Craft Rotary Cutter
(2 reviews)
  • Color: As the picture shows
  • Sharp 28mm tungsten steel blade.
  • Ideal for Cutting fabric, leather, paper, vinyl etc.
  • Use cutting mat for best results.
₱ 365.00 -57%
₱ 840.00
Multi-functional Adjustable Stand for Washing Machine, Refrigerator Rack (Big)
  • Adjustable Appliances Rack
  • Material: PA66,rubber universal wheels, metal zinc-plating tube.
  • Ultra-strong rigidness, press resistance, anti-corrosion, adjustable
  • Used for heavy objects such as washing machine and refrigerator etc.
  • Smooth and firm, adjustable dimension and convenient movement.
  • Maximum Stretch 80x80cm
₱ 1,350.00 -55%
₱ 2,998.00
44 to 70cm Ultra Strong Moveable Base For Washing Machine and Refrigerator
(1 reviews)
  • Adjustable Appliances Rack
  • Material: PA66,rubber universal wheels, metal zinc-plating tube
  • Ultra-strong rigidness, press resistance, anti-corrosion, adjustable
  • Used for heavy objects such as washing machine and refrigerator etc
  • Smooth and firm, adjustable dimension and convenient 
₱ 1,290.00 -57%
₱ 2,999.00
Microwave Hover Anti-Sputtering Cover
  • Great microwave food cover for microwave to keep your microwave clean from food splatter.
  • Easy to clean - Our microwave cover dishwasher safe is easy to clean with just soap or water or top rack in dishwasher.
  • High domed splatter cover - The microwave dish cover is high enough to not touch your food.
  • Is easy to lift in and out of the microwave oven and is a must have for cookware for microwaves.
  • Our microwave splash cover comes with vented top to open to release steam and close to keep food warm.
₱ 479.00 -62%
₱ 1,247.00
₱ 3,350.00 -26%
₱ 4,500.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 211.62
Items per pages

Bring your Kitchen to Life with Home Appliances Accessories

Is your everyday kitchen routine dull and lifeless? Are you doing the same old stuff over and over again when you are preparing food? There are times when your daily chores, is becoming a daily burden, but you can twist up your daily routine in the kitchen by personalizing and adding character to your space. Some people finds kitchen accessories as unnecessary items in the kitchen, but the truth is, they are the items that could help you do things, not only more efficiently, but rather more enjoyable. Some of these kitchen accessories could also help you organize your kitchen, and keeps everything in their right places.

Some people are just really very meticulous when it comes to handpicking the perfect appliances for their home. Aside from kitchen appliances, one of the components of your kitchen are the kitchen accessories. These items gives accent and character to your kitchen, from the simple peeler, to the dough cutter, these small items gives accent to your kitchen and bring a little sparks of joy to your kitchen.

Find the best Kitchen Appliance Accessories Brands in the Philippines

Most home makers are very specific with the kind of product that they are looking for, some of them even go to different malls and different stores, just only to find the specific product with the specific shape, size, material and features that they are looking for. However, some of them just can’t find the perfect fit for the specifics that they are hunting. If you are looking for the perfect accessory that will give some finishing touches to your kitchen, you can actually enjoy looking for the perfect product at the comfort of your home with Lazada’s extensive library of products. From beverage servers, to thermometers, kitchen organizers, timers and even some products that you have never heard before, you can choose wide number of products from the top brands to the unbranded ones, which just could keep up with what you are specifically looking for your kitchen. Buy now and have your item delivered at your doorstep!


  • Enjoy from different kinds of shapes that you can make with your food with the different kinds of molds.
  • Mostly available and made of aluminum alloy stainless steel

    Kitchen Organizers

  • Beat the clutter of your kitchen by making everything stay in their perfect place, pick your perfect design that would just perfectly blend in your kitchen.
  • Put everything in place, weather they are utensils or kitchen condiments.

    Kitchen Timers

  • Pick the best baking companion with the variety of designs that we offer.
  • Digital and analog times are also available.