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Hand Wraps: Adding an Extra Layer of Protection for Your Wrists and Hands

The major consideration for selecting any gear or equipment to be used by athletes comes down to safety concerns. When the choice of sport is a full-contact combat sport like boxing or MMA, no other factor is of more importance than safety. One such equipment which helps a lot in maintaining your own safety as well as of the opponent is the hand wraps. It helps the wearer to not end up twisting or hurting their wrist when they make a move towards the opponent that ends with a strong punch or when they are on the receiving end of an attack and use their arms to shield the fist from the recoil which can result in immense pain.

Hand wraps are available in different variants and are made from raw components that include pure cotton or elastic materials. Apart from serving as a protection aid, the cotton hand wraps also soak up the sweat without letting it to accumulate and avoids making the surface of the hands slippery. These are generally clubbed along with gloves to add an extra layer of protection. The gauze-like material can be wrapped around as per your liking and it comes with either a Velcro or hook in rare cases to fix at the end as per the tightness you prefer. This ensures your blood flow remains unaltered due to the wrapping being too tight or slipping off because of it being too loose. The wrapping provides the fighter with a stronger grip and makes the compressed hands more solid, which would help you to land a stronger punch on your opponent.

Boxing Wraps: Building On Your Confidence by Feeling Secure

The idea of putting in a strong fight involves ensuring you rattle your opponent by delivering strong punches and paving way for your finishing move. To put up a strong show, it is very important to have your confidence levels on the high and to not hold back from attacking strongly and also be defensive when absolutely called for. Nothing boosts the confidence and morale of a fighter like the feeling of being secure. Having the best boxing wraps to secure your arms gives that extra sense of security and in turn, pushes the morale of the fighter up a notch. Boxing wraps are the very important piece of equipment every fighter must definitely have in his kit, irrespective of whether being used while training or in a real-time bout against a professional fighter.

Available in pairs, boxing wraps are made of cotton of the purest form and are very comfortable to wear. They ensure maximum protection is provided around the wrapped area which includes the wrist and fingers. It covers the joints as well, which is again very important to be covered as they are very vulnerable to sudden movements and if not protected properly may lead to dislocation. Various brands manufacture Boxing wraps and they are available in various lengths.