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Gymnastics ? The Game of Flexibility

When you hear about Gymnastics, the only thing you might think about is people doing a cartwheel on a thin 3-4-inch rod or men doing strength feats on rings. But, this incredible game is much more than that. Not everyone can perform Gymnastics and to excel in the sport you need perseverance, passion, and several years of dedicated practice. Many have been considering this as a preferred option for fitness and learning the sport. An adorable sport, Gymnastics, has many types and categories.

Gymnastics is an incredible men and women?s sport which requires a lot of balance, flexibility, strength, and control. It is a great exercise which develops several muscles in our body. It has derived from the exercises and circus skills of the ancient Greeks. Gymnasiums train its students for different types of Gymnastics classified into six or seven terms.

The different types are Women?s Artistic, Men?s Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline, Power Tumbling, Acrobatics. Gymnasts need different equipment for practicing these different types of Gymnastics. The Women?s Artistic type is popular among female Gymnast. The second most popular and the oldest form in the Men?s Artistic. Jumps, tosses, and leaps are termed as Rhythmic. Trampoline, as the name suggests, includes men and women performing high-flying skills with flips and twists in the air.

Gymnastics Games and Equipment ? Key for Becoming an Expert

It is also very important to know about the various equipment which is required for the Gymnastics Games. For the home and gym, the equipment that one might need ? Tumbling Mats for Power Tumbling, Back Flip Trainer, and Beams for flips, backflips, and twists. Boards, Dome Trainers, are also required for Artistic Gymnastics. Flexible Mats and Incline Mats are needed for performing various tumbling skills and Rhythmic Gymnastics Games as well.

More of this equipment is required for setting up a gymnasium ? Single Bar Trainers, Single Pommel trainer, Ceiling Hung Rings, Chalk Bowls, High Bars, Parallel Boards, and Handstand rebounders. Single Bar Trainer is an excellent equipment as it makes it easier for the coach to teach various skills to both men and women students. Single Pommel trainer helps to bring accuracy in leg positioning. Ceiling hung rings are necessary for upper body skills and swinging exercises. Chalk Bowls are needed for moving units and storing them. High Bars and Parallel Bars are used by both men and women Gymnasts for performing Gymnastics Games including flips and swings. Handstand Rebounders is used for teaching handstands, pirouettes, and Planches at even surfaces.

These are some of the basic equipment required for gymnastics. Different equipment is used for performing various Gymnastics Games.