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GPS System: Gift of Digital Revolution

The GPS (Global Positioning System) is now a part of the modern lifestyle, and has made things easy for many people. Whether you have the system on your smartphone, as a portable stand-alone navigation device, or a built-in device in your car, now you’re safe even in the unknown streets. Apart from being your route guide, the GPS performs several other functions – it allows you to choose your route preference as well as get real-time information on traffic. As the system works using satellite connection, you can also set it to display icons for hospitals, gas stations, tourist attractions or national parks.

There are many factors that determine the best GPS System for you, like price, screen size, features and portability. However, more than that, the type of system you would prefer requires attention. As earlier mentioned, there are a variety of GPS Systems. The varieties of GPS System that are mostly in use are smartphone GPS apps, apple car play and android auto, car inbuilt infotainment systems with GPS, portable GPS and telematics systems.

GPS Tracking System: Tracks You to Your Destination

The GPS Tracking System apps provide you with several advantages. Most of the time, they are available for your phone and involve hardware that you already possess and are always updated. These apps are preloaded in your smartphone and once you hop inside your car, all you need to do is open one of them. You would be flooded with multiple options for complete traffic views, smoother trip, warning if you’re going too fast, alternate suggestion of routes, etc. With this GPS System app, you no longer need to worry about carrying a portable navigation system. The apple car play and android auto are either found built-in or are installed later on. Most of the cars come with infotainment systems which is a mix of software and hardware that combine entertainment and information to give access to audio systems, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and USB, Wi-Fi, among other features. Once you have any one of these with you, you are seamlessly connected.

The built-in car infotainment system that comes with the factory GPS can work without the aid of smartphones. This GPS Tracking System works using satellite thus you wouldn’t end up deserted if you lose your smartphone service. The portable GPS can move with you from one car to another. One of the greatest advantage of portable GPS System is that they never freeze and thus would never leave you stranded if you can’t connect to your phone service. They usually offer the similar features like the built-in systems and even more, however, they cost less. The telematics GPS Tracking System came into the market in mid 1990s. Carmakers combined cellular technology and GPS to access a variety of conveniences as well as emergency help services from the vehicle. The services provided by this system are available both in paid and free modes. Advantage of this system includes the provision of asking for direction from a person who is at the other end of the telephonic line, even when you’re driving.