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Lixada Laser Range Finder 600M Distance Measurement 18 - 300KM/H Speed Measurement Hunting Golf Telescope Handheld Range Finder - intl
  • Distance and speed can be measured with this high-tech professional range finder.
  • It measures exact distance to target from 3 to 600m.
  • 6X magnification. LCD illumination control.
  • Invisible light, harmless to the human eyes. Durable protective rubber armor.
  • Compact, light and artistic appearance. Come with a lanyard and pouch.
₱ 4,750.00 -29%
₱ 6,650.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 300.06
PGM men women's trolley standard ball bag GOLF ball bag
  • Tugboat club bagListing time : Summer2016Make : PGMItem No. : QB029Ball Bag compartmental : Standard Ball Package
₱ 3,254.00 -18%
₱ 3,955.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 205.56
PGM new men's long-sleeved t-shirt
  • Two pieces free shipping South Korean Silk FabricListing time : Spring2015Make : PGMThe mall celebrity inspired : IsItem No. : YF032-1Up and down dress compartmental : Long-sleeved t-shirtApplicable objects : Men
₱ 716.00 -46%
₱ 1,320.00
Maxfli Kangaroo Leather Golf Glove
  • Kangaroo Leather is lightweight and strong, giving supreme feel and durability
  • Breathable construction with perforations on fingers
  • Flexible slits and inserts for unrestricted movement for your hand
  • Lightweight nature of Kangaroo Leather means this leather is great in hot conditions
₱ 504.00 -28%
₱ 700.00
Quick-drying Towel Microfibre Towel Sports Travel Towel
  • Super absorbent, four times of the quick-drying ability.
  • Made of microfibre material, soft and gentle to the skin.
  • Lightweight and compact, can be folded into its own little carry bag.
  • Ideal for backpacking, boating, camping or other applications.
  • Machine washable for repeated use.
₱ 405.00 -33%
₱ 607.00
PGM Golf Glove Mens Microfiber Cloth Gloves (blue)
(1 reviews)
  • MaterialMicrofiber Leather
  • AuthenticGolf Gloves Mens
  • gloves golfleft hand and Right hand glove
  • SoftBreathable cloth
  • ColorsBlue
₱ 299.00 -12%
₱ 341.08
GustBuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella (Black)
  • Extra-sturdy folding umbrella with award-winning 43-inch double-canopy design
  • Patented temper-hardened steel joint connectors
  • Carrying sheath doubles as a backpack or shoulder sling
  • Fits in briefcase or purse
  • Wind-tested to 55-miles per hour
₱ 5,874.00 -17%
₱ 7,049.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 371.06
PGM double Golf gloves
  • New promotions! 29 yuan! Two pairs free shipping!Listing time : Summer2016Make : PGMItem No. : ST018Material : ClothApplicable objects : Female
₱ 309.00 -36%
₱ 485.00
14pcs Golf Bag Club Organizer Clip Holder Set For All Wedge Iron Driver Putter
  • Material:Plastic
  • Size:1.7x2x4cm
  • Color:Black
  • 100% Brand new
  • High quality
  • Very durable and good elasticity
  • Keep your clubs nicely organized
  • Makes your putter more accessible
₱ 799.00 -50%
₱ 1,598.00
PGM with pulley multi-functional hard case airport bag ball bag
  • Travel to play super convenient, multi-functional airport ball bagListing time : Spring2017Make : PGMItem No. : QB041Ball Bag compartmental : Standard Ball Package
₱ 7,955.00 -50%
₱ 15,799.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 502.52
₱ 355.00 -53%
₱ 754.00
Ace Hardware Golf Umbrella (Set of 2)
(1 reviews)
  • 100% water repellent nylon
  • Automatic open
  • 110cm diameter when open
  • Heavy duty fiber glass ribs
  • Set of 2 black umbrellas
₱ 799.50
PGM with pulley airport portable ball bag airport bag
  • With a pulley seat airplane special consign BEEKING 1200DListing time : Spring2013Make : PGMThe mall celebrity inspired : IsItem No. : HKB001Ball Bag compartmental : Golf Aviation Bag
₱ 891.00 -22%
₱ 1,145.00
PGM Golf Gloves Men's Genuine Leather Breathable Left Hand and Right Hand
  • Genuine Leather
  • color: White
  • size: Left hand and Right hand
₱ 431.00 -37%
₱ 682.17
₱ 384.00 -50%
₱ 768.00
PGM thick airplane ball bag airport bag
  • Listing time : Spring2016Make : PGMThe mall celebrity inspired : IsItem No. : HKB009Ball Bag compartmental : Golf Aviation Bag
₱ 1,320.00 -50%
₱ 2,633.00
ROMIX Ice Evaporative Sports Cooling Towel RH24
  • affordable
  • durability
  • high quality *Make you feel cool and comfortable *size: 30*90cm *Ideal for all outdoor activities *Super-evaporative; Wear for hours, or wipe off for quick relief *Reduces the effect of heat stress and fights fatigue *Machine Washable
₱ 329.00 -53%
₱ 700.00
PGM men and women lightweight support gun bag GOLF ball bag
  • Shoulder strap 1st pieces enjoy special price custom logo TuanListing time : Summer2016Make : PGMThe mall celebrity inspired : IsItem No. : QB027-1Ball Bag compartmental : Golf Rack Bag
₱ 1,416.00 -33%
₱ 2,116.00
₱ 377.00 -50%
₱ 754.00
Golf Ball Holder Clip Prop Organizer Golfing Sporting Training Accessory
  • High Quality products make exercise easier and safer An hour exercise makes you healthy a whole life Professional assistance makes your erercise more professional
₱ 317.00 -50%
₱ 634.00
Andux Mini Golf Club Model Pens Set BTZ-01 - intl
  • Adornment
  • Perfect for gift
  • Mini-version of a golf club
  • Play golf at any time
₱ 828.00 -59%
₱ 1,999.00
Aetna Plastic Tee Small
  • Material: Plastic
  • High quality material
  • Imported product
  • Easy to use only
₱ 199.00 -50%
₱ 398.00
Golf Ball Holder Clip Organizer Golfer Golfing Sporting Training Tool Accessory
  • Be Your Faithful Outdoor Partner
  • High Quality Without Worries
  • Professional and Improve Your Skills
₱ 314.00 -60%
₱ 785.00
₱ 549.00 -60%
₱ 1,373.00
ROMIX Ice Evaporative Sports Cooling Towel RH24
  • affordable
  • durability
  • high quality *Make you feel cool and comfortable *size: 30*90cm *Ideal for all outdoor activities *Super-evaporative; Wear for hours, or wipe off for quick relief *Reduces the effect of heat stress and fights fatigue *Machine Washable
₱ 329.00 -53%
₱ 700.00
100pcs 85mm Rubber Cushion Top Plastic Golf Tees (Random Color) - intl
  • Color: Random color. Material: Plastic, rubber.
  • Total Length: Approx. 3 3/8 inch / 85 mm. Top diameter: Approx. 0.7 inch.
  • Easily spotted after you hit your drive because of their bright colors.
  • Rubber cushion top keep ball in place, reduce the hit impact towards the tee.
  • Light weighted, won't break all the time, easy to carry around.
  • A indispensible accessory for golfer.
₱ 982.00 -40%
₱ 1,637.00
₱ 604.00 -44%
₱ 1,088.00
Klitch Footwear Clip (Purple)
  • Hands-free device
  • Never spend time looking for a lost shoe
  • Saves space in your backpack or gym bag
  • Allows footwear to air out between use
  • Helps protect against athletes foot
  • Helps increase the lifespan of expensive sports shoes or pricey heels
  • Helps prevent smelly and dirty gym bags
  • Enables a quick shoe change before and after workouts
  • Great for organizing and storing footwear at home or on the road
₱ 550.00 -15%
₱ 650.00
PAlight 90x33cm Utility Cooling Towel Reusable Cool Fitness Yoga Towels - intl
  • Superb Absorption & Water holding Capacity: cooling while absorbing sweat without dripping water at the same time, no worry about wetting your clothes.
  • Physycal reaction: cooling through the evaporation of moisture, which is eco-friendly and reusable for long lasting value.
  • Occasions:
  • For sports & exercise: running, trekking, camping, hiking, backpacking, cycling, racing, bowling, yoga, golf, fitness, landscaping, gardening, mowing the lawn, fishing, swimming, basketball, football, rugby, softball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, hockey, boxing, traveling, climbing, cheerleading, weightlifting, rowing, hunting, shooting, beach, etc.
  • For physical treatment: fever or headache relief, heatstroke prevention, sunscreen protection.
  • For daily life: cooling while absorbing sweat for kitchen staff, outdoor workers, sports enthusiasts, mom with baby (a cooling towel between mom and baby works wonders).
  • Size: 90*33cm
₱ 318.00 -40%
₱ 530.00
Anti-skid pure Sheepskin Golf Gloves for left hand (White+27yards)
(1 reviews)
  • New arrival with excellent quality
  • Soft and comfortable, durable, breathable, Unisex
  • 6 sizes optional, Left or hand right golf gloves available
₱ 618.00 -75%
₱ 2,472.00
Dunlop genuine men's GOLF gun Bag Support Package
  • Official genuine can be capacity whole sets bar
₱ 1,933.00 -71%
₱ 6,765.00
Microfiber Lightweight Quick Drying Yoga Sports Travel Towel - intl
(1 reviews)
  • Material: Polyester + Acrylic
  • Towel Size: approx. 69 x 34.5cm / 27.1" x 13.6" (L x W)
  • Carry Bag Size: approx. 14.5 x 4.5cm / 5.7" x 1.7" (L x W)
₱ 444.00 -50%
₱ 894.00
Golf Gym Clothing Clothes Shoulder/Messenger Bags With Shoes Bag Handbags - intl
(2 reviews)
  • Material: 100% polyurethane
  • Dimensions: 51x25x30cm
  • A plurality of zipper bags, large capacity
  • U-shaped opening at the top of the bag is easy to take place the things, and you can put in the shoes at the bottom 
  • Double handle, a detachable shoulder strap
₱ 3,063.00 -37%
₱ 4,847.00
Installment: 24 x ₱ 193.49
Andux Golf Putter Head Cover Headcover for Blade Style Putter MT/TG03 - intl
  • Soft synthetic leather
  • Fit most of golf putter club
  • Easy to on and off
₱ 702.00 -53%
₱ 1,499.00
3 Pcs Protective Golf Club Head Covers Set Black Pack Protect Headcover New
  • Quantity:3Pcs
  • 5mm foam inner soft
  • Fine workmanship
  • Advanced design
  • Super elastic properties
  • Mounted head is very handy
  • Best protection for your golf club
₱ 532.00 -50%
₱ 1,064.00
Digital Pocket 7 x Golf Range Finder Golf Distance Masuring Scope w/Padded Case
(3 reviews)
  • Golf
  • Sport Others
  • Outdoors
  • Sports
  • Digital
  • Pocket
₱ 871.00 -65%
₱ 2,488.00
Items per pages
golf philippines

Fulfilments of Playing Golf Sports

Golf is an outdoor sport that comes with many advantages and benefits when played. It is said that playing this game would boost you moods by decreasing the amount of stress level and increasing your self-esteem. Maybe the reason for this is because golf is mostly played in best days only. And by that, we are appreciating our environment and nature: leaving our mind calm and peaceful. This sport is truly a wonder.

Moreover, aside from experiencing tranquillity, playing golf can improve your body condition and health. This sport requires much swinging movement and many motions like walking. This kind of activity is great for your brain’s health. Also, this game challenge your mind by pushing you to think and provide the best decision; hence, increasing your brain activity. Lastly, development of social skills, as you play this sports with others with this sport the tendency for you and the other party will talk is largely will happen. All in all, these are just some of the most notable benefits of this game. There are many other advantages for this activity and it’s for you to discover the fun.

Golf Equipment Philippines: Stuff You Need

Like all other sports, you cannot play this game without the use any golf equipment or tools. For this port, of course you need to have complete golf set. Now, the question will be—what golf equipment you need? To name a few, let’s start with the club used. Golf irons are used in this game; it is the one you use to hit the ball. Golf bags, on the other hand, are used to carry golf irons for handy use. Moreover, as this activity is an outdoor game, you should have golf umbrella to prevent your skin from harmful ray. If you are investing for golf equipment Philippines, they come in affordable price for you to enjoy the game.