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Image Stabilizer: Capture Crisp Photographs

Any individual who is passionate about photography knows the hassles caused by shaky images and the value of capturing crisp photographs. An Image Stabilizer is found in both camera bodies and lenses and is available in the form of electronic adjustments and expensive physical systems as well. Shooting in low light conditions, using long lenses or not holding a camera in a steady form may reduce chances of having sharp and still images. These may also cause blurry images which cannot be fixed in post-processing.

So that is where the need for an Image Stabilizer arises. Since the environment for clicking photographs may not always be suitable or favorable, using a stabilizer can solve many photographing issues. Stabilizers are especially handy with small and light cameras that are quite difficult to hold steady but they are also very useful with heavy cameras. A heavy camera with a telephoto lens combined with the requirement of fast shutter speeds can make it hard to hold the camera steady, an image stabilizer can be very useful. Image stabilizers are available in various forms such as tripods, monopods, and gimbals.

Camera Gimbals: The Kind of Support You Need for Those Perfect Stills

Camera Gimbals are indispensable when it comes to taking pictures while walking or traveling in vehicles. The device is basically a pivot point that has a motor that allows for rotation along a single axis. If you combine three separate camera gimbals, then you allow for rotation along three different axes, and you end up with a 3-axis gimbal. These gimbals serve as a great tool to capture silky smooth handheld videos and still photographs. If you are looking for an image stabilizer device for professional photography, then this is the preferred tool.

A variety of techniques have been employed in the past ranging from vest mounted articulating arms to counterweighted poles. The most useful of all of these attempts are the 3 axis gimbal. The gimbals are known to provide exceptional image stabilization for non-stationary videos. Camera Gimbals should be used for shooting videos or taking photographs while walking, running, flying, standing and moving up and down stairs or on uneven terrain. Gimbals are available in various forms. Manual or handheld devices employing 3-axis gimbals are great for those who want image stabilization on a low budget.

On the other hand, the motorized rigs available in the market today deliver stupendous results regardless of the expectations imposed on them. Taking aerial shots calls for a real professional approach. The 3-axis motorized gimbal technology has a long history of aerial photography and videography. There are flying quadcopters and multi-motor drones available on the market today. These are specially designed to cater to aerial photography. With the feature of steadily mounting cameras to the bottom of such devices, the camera can capture aerial photographs and videos while suspended in the air like never before. So, choose the type of image stabilizer that caters to your needs at the very best.