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Gift Wrapping – An Art of Presenting Tokens

In earlier times the essence of fine tuning was not much prioritized but in today, where every detail is noticed, judged, and matters while presenting something to someone gift wrapping holds a prominent place. No matter what you give or how small it is a gift wrapping which appeals the eye is always a mood elevator. It instantly uplifts the sense of the receiver.

Now a day’s gift wrapping is almost an art. There are so many various ways that a gift can be wrapped giving them beautiful shapes and making the presents even more colorful and exciting. Gift wrapping techniques too are trending nowadays. Over all gift wrapping does add that extra edge to your present and makes the person whom you are giving feel good.

Wrapping Paper – A Colorful Wrap to a Bright Feeling

Flowers, cute little bows, those satin ribbons or may be little animal prints or those teddy prints on the wrapping paper. Wrapping papers can be of multiple types some exhibit solid colors while some display print motifs of things like ice cream or floral or just arbitrary patterns weaving to a beautiful design all over. Some wrapping paper comes in velvet material while some as thick as a chart paper. It all depends on the taste of the person who gives.

All these decoration and color somewhere affect the psychology and works at catalyzing dopamine, a hormone that usually makes us happy. According to a psychological survey, good wrapping papers make us feel good about receiving the gift and the experience of having received a gift doubles thereby. Many people tend to enjoy the whole act of receiving gifts in a wrapping paper so much that they even carefully open the wrap and keep it for later use. According to a study conducted by a professor in Dallas of Southern Methodist University, it is seen that an item, if wrapped in a gift paper inspires the receiver to have a more positive approach towards keeping the gift. On the other, hand a crap wrapping showed exactly the opposite behavior where the recipient showed skeptical behavior suspicion and typical reaction.