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Correct Your Vision or Try Different Looks with Fashionable Glasses

Eyeglasses are no longer limited to being useful accessories that help you see, read or write. The latest eyeglasses can become fashionable accessories with their stunning designs. The invention of advance and powerful lenses also improves the performance of the latest glasses. The high-end spectacles not only can improve your vision. They can also protect your eyes from harmful rays, such as UV rays or electromagnetic rays, invisible to naked eyes. The spectacles use advance lenses for this task. The modern eyeglasses come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to satisfy the requirements of different users.

The prescription glasses are the most common spectacles available in today’s market. The doctors may prescribe these spectacles to correct your vision or to give your eyes additional protection. The prescription glasses may contain coated or non-coated lenses. The non-coated lenses can correct your vision; however, they offer no protection against the harmful rays. The material of the lenses also varies from one pair of eyeglasses to another. The polycarbonate lenses are a safer option for individuals who lead a physically active lifestyle. The individuals engaged in contact sports may also benefit through these lenses, as they do not shatter easily upon impact. The latest polycarbonate lenses also come with a scratch-proof coating which increases their longevity. These lenses also come with built-in UV protection. The Trivex is another lens material that may seem similar to the polycarbonate. However, this material is extremely thin and lightweight. Hence, the eyeglasses with Trivex lens put no pressure on your nasal bridge. The Trivex lenses offer excellent resistance against impact which increases the durability of these lenses. These days, many prescription spectacles use high-index plastic lenses instead of glass. These lenses are thinner and lighter in weight in comparison to the glass lenses whilst offering the same quality. The technological advancement also brings forth aspheric lenses with different degrees of curvature.

Look Trendy & Enjoy Perfect Vision using Stylish Eyewear

When it comes to fashionable eyewear, the sunglasses are as important as the glasses. The eyeglasses and sunglasses both use a variety of frames, as different frames flatter different facial structures. The oval, round and rectangular frames are commonly found in sunglasses/eyeglasses. The round-framed eyeglasses may bring a geeky appearance. However, the tinted sunglasses with round frames or oversized round frames look highly fashionable on square or long faces. The rectangular and cat-eye frames can balance the pointy chins of heart-shaped faces. The oval/round frames can reduce the wideness of the square faces. The stylish aviator frame looks good on round, oval, oblong, square or diamond faces.

The latest eyeglasses/sunglasses come with different styles of rims and coatings on the glasses. A stylish eyewear may or may not have rims. The rimless eyeglasses give a neat look and the lenses become almost invisible. However, the lenses do not have much support without the rims. The half-rimmed eyeglasses provide adequate support to the lenses along with a neat appearance. The specialized eyeglasses also come with various coatings. The antireflective coating eliminates the reflections on the glasses and reduces the glares/halos at nighttime. The polarized coating gives the eyes protection against UV rays or EMFs.