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Dummy Cameras: An Affordable Way to Keep Crime at Bay

Security is not an option but a necessity for everyone. You may wish to install security cameras at your home or office as they help to keep offenders at bay and restrict them from committing any crime. However, another way to try and keep the security tight is with the dummy cameras. The dummy cameras may prove to be a good option in such scenarios available for people who would want a correct mix of security and affordability.

The cameras that look ditto like the real security cameras but are not being called the dummy cameras. These cameras can help you fool the probable offenders and discourage them from going ahead with their wrong deed. Some people also prefer mixing the dummy ones with the real security cameras. Several major brands offer such fake cameras to people and you may pick as per your preference.

False Cameras: A Deterrent for the Criminals

The concept of installing CCTV cameras is becoming popular by the day and it is all thanks to the growing incidents of thefts and other criminal activities. But the budget is a constraint for some people and the false cameras may be their saviors. There are cameras that are dummies but have the features of a real security camera. For instance, you may get a camera that comes with a blinking LED light just like a real one. The appearance too is almost like a real security camera and it is recommended for a commercial space that might need a wider coverage. The camera is made of plastic and is dome-shaped. It can be purchased in color black and has red LED blinking light. If you prefer installing a bullet camera then there are such options at your disposal as well.

There are bullet-shaped false cameras that look more or less similar to the real camera and monitor. They are effective in their job and are affordable. They also come with a real video cable and a mounting bracket that is adjustable in nature. The camera has a red LED flashing light that flashes at a regular interval of 5 seconds. The light is particularly helpful in the night time. The camera requires no wiring for its set up and is convenient to install on the wall with the aid of the screws that come with the package. These kinds of cameras may be installed inside and outside plus they are good for home as well as office use. Solar powered fake security cameras are also available and they are waterproof too. These cameras have a flashlight and a human sensor. These are made of metal and plastic and can be installed at homes and offices. The cameras are powerful in appearance and useful in their service as protectors from events such as vandalism and thefts. The security cameras are becoming advanced by the day and their fake counterparts are too catching up quickly on that front.