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Ensure Safety For Your Pet With An Electric Nail Cutter

When you start living with your dog, you take up a set of responsibilities on your own just like you do for a near one in your family. So amongst those responsibilities, which you take up out of love and care, comes nail cutting. It’s true that the majority of dog owners express fear and hesitation towards cutting nails of their pet as that might hurt. In such cases, what dog owners do is take proper assistance from professionals who can teach proper nail trimming techniques. However, a trickier way to keep your dog’s fears away is to get him accustomed to it right from his young days.

Cutting your pet’s nails on a regular basis is very important to sustain its cleanliness. However, it may not always be a good experience as it might tend to stay away out of fear. So what you can do is get some treats and make him feel happy about it. When you are confident enough to take the dog nail trimmer in hand, just hold the handle flat against the toe pad so that you can cut the nail straight. Rather, try to cut it at a 45° angle so that you don’t end up cutting the nails too short.

Choose the Right Nail Trimmer for Your Dog

If you are heading to choose a dog nail trimmer for the first time, you might be perplexed. First, you should know the type of nail your doggie has. This would help you understand what type of clipper would work best. So let’s start with Scissor Clippers. Designed to cut nails of large dogs, these work like scissors. As dogs with thicker and bigger nails need greater force, scissor can always be considered in this aspect. Another famous nail trimmer for dogs is a guillotine clipper as it works just like a guillotine. Lowering its blade, it gently slices off the end of the nail. Therefore, it’s best for small and medium-sized dogs.

Another option that can be considered for trimming the nails of your dog is pedi paws. Instead of getting the nails clipped, this electric nail cutter grinds them down. Dogs that are afraid of nail cutting can be treated with such grinder tools that would also make nail trimming lot easier for the owners. However, if the nails are accidentally hurt, apply styptic powder that would stop the bleeding. Make sure that the bleeding stops within 5 minutes or otherwise, take your pup to a veterinarian.

Whether you are going for an electric nail cutter or one with a pliers’ style, what you should keep in mind is the size of your dog. Therefore, the dog nail trimmer you will be considering for your pup must be easy to use, easy to clean, safe to operate, high on durability and having comfortable handles. Unless these factors are met, choosing the right dog nail cutter would be a risky affair. If you wish, you can always talk to an expert and confirm whether you are going to buy the right one for your pet.