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Waterproof Bike Holder with Skid-Proof Grips Keeps Cell Phone Secure & Accessible

Today, it is hard to live even for a minute without a mobile phone. It helps you stay in touch with your loved ones and brings the latest information to you whenever you want. It is hard to spend one day without your cell phone; however, it is equally hard to receive the calls when riding a bike. You may lose your balance when you use the other hand to receive a call. You may avert these accidents using a bike holder. These holders can securely hold your Smartphone and prevent it from falling due to sudden bumps or jerks on the road. The phone holders or mounts keep your Smartphone in front of your eyes. You miss no notification, message or call when riding your bike and can answer the calls without using your hands. You can concentrate better on the ride with your cell-phone in front your eyes.

Apart from the easy accessibility to your smartphone, a trendy bike holder also makes it comfortable for you to carry the phone. It enables you to lose extra weight during long journeys. This facility may seem like a blessing when you ride uphill or through a forest on your bicycle. The loss of extra weight enables you to put more pressure on paddles and let you ride the bike faster. The risk of losing your cell-phone also increases when you keep it in your pocket. A holder can keep your smartphone secure through the ride.

Some bike holders have waterproof body along with transparent covers to keep a phone secure at the time of raining. Hence, you can ride your bike in the rain with your mobile phone in front of your eyes. A bike holder may even have height and width adjustable features. These holders can accommodate a mobile phone of different sizes starting from 4.3 inches to 6 inches. The adaptable bike holders are also suitable for cellphones using protective covers.

Fashionably Carry a Mobile Phone with Other Essentials using Bike Mounts

Alongside the protection from rain or dust, the bike mounts also offer protection from sudden jerks during the ride. A first-class bike-mount uses the grips or clamps of silicone gel. These grips/clamps can firmly hold a Smartphone without scratching/damaging the phone’s surface. Some bike-mounts offer extra protection with silicone slings. They can prevent a phone from moving one inch. Many holders use silicone rubbers to stay firmly affixed to the handlebar. Some latest bike-mounts are fitted with unique tilting features. You may use these mounts to tilt a Smartphone upward/sideways depending upon your requirements.

Some latest bike mounts enable you to carry your essentials along with the cell-phone. These bike-mounts look like tiny pouches with transparent covers. The transparent cover enables you to see your phone and the pouch holds your essentials. These mounts have two different chambers. The upper chamber is supposed to hold the phone and the lower chamber is supposed to hold the essentials. A zip can keep your essentials secure inside the pouch. You may place some of these mounts on the handlebar and some mounts on the bike’s stem.