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Look Professional While Cycling: Wear the Proper Bike Jerseys

Cycling in the Philippines is considered either a past-time, a way for fitness, or a good but slow form of transportation. However, it is quite rare to see cycling as a full sport in the country, despite having the complete accessories and equipment needed for racers to actively compete in competitions happening in the country. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of some Filipinos who enjoy biking on a good weather is quite a positive note, especially with some wearing the appropriate jerseys to represent their own cycling group. If you want to join in, or form your own group, or would simply want to ride your bicycle safely and properly in the roads of the country, it is best that you wear a proper jersey for cycling available in the Philippines.

See What the Advantages These Cycling Jerseys Bring

Like most professional athletes, and some of the other jerseys sold in the country, the biking gear is composed of two layers of clothing that is required for the wearer, so that he could ride the bike professionally as he look. These pieces of clothing are lightweight, and are made so that these would not impede to the cyclist’s skills in riding, and allow them to ride the bike fast, and without much problems. If these tops are worn alongside the proper biking shorts, the rider would clearly maximize the advantages of the clothing and really bike to their hearts content. Safe, light, and appropriate for biking, you can get these equipment at the best sizes and prices at the country’s top online shopping site today.

    Base Layer

  • Overview: The tight and form-fitting tops that are required by every cyclist. This cycling wear provides a good advantage when the rider finally goes fast. The tight cycling wear can come in as a full body suit, or a two-piece set with the base layer top and the cycling shorts worn at the same time.
  • Design: The base layer is often made using a combination of fleece and a hydrophobic polymer that makes it water -resistant, and tight enough to fit the user. These can also reduce wind resistance and drag, all while protecting the wearer so that he won’t feel the cold breeze and winds when finally going fast using the bike.

    Jersey Tops

  • Overview: Contrasting the base layer used as a first form of the jersey set are the loose cycling jersey that is worn on top of this. The clothing is still appropriate for the cycling since this long-sleeve item also adds protection, while also coming in with the designs and logos of the team that the wearer is a part of.
  • Design: As with most jerseys, these biking wear is made from the breathable material that allows wind to pass through the cloth, and not catch them like a net. Despite being loose, this clothing is still appropriate and can be worn on fast racing bikes.