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Let’s enjoy cycling

Cycling bike is the easiest and convenient mode of transportation and also a good type of exercise because it involves most parts of the body. Having a bike does not necessarily mean that an individual does not have money; it can mean that he or she is saving the environment by driving with no carbon emission. But it is also necessary for a cyclist to purchase necessary cycling accessories to have a quick and safe drive.

A mountain bike is used for outdoor trips and will suit the user that likes to explore and does not fear heights to help the user go up and down the mountains, gears are made to change the grip simultaneously while going up and down. A fixed gear bicycle is used for long distance travel and for racing in competitions. In joining competitions and in doing triathlon, it is necessary to have a durable cycling helmet for a rider's safety.

Cycling Accessories in Philippines

Meanwhile, it is also necessary to gear up for upland bike rides so that a rider can have a joyful and safe ride. Number one there is a sports bottle that can be placed on the body frame of the bike, or in a biking bag, although some prefer to put it it in waist wraps or bags for easier access. Another thing that a cyclist should never leave behind is a biker's flashlight or a headlight just in case he or she gets caught in the dark, or the biking lane that is assigned for cyclists are not well-lit.

    Cycling Apparel

  • Items Available: There are long pants, shorts, and tops that are ideally made for cycling
  • Features: Cycling apparel are typically made out of fine elastic fabric
  • Advantages:These clothes are made with lightweight fabric so it does not add much weight to the cyclist

    Biking Bags

  • Items Available: There several types of bags for biking (Compact, Triangle, City, and Energy Bags)
  • Material: The biking bags are ideally made out of lightweight fabric
  • Advantages: These bags are designed for high carrying comfort and low weight

    Bicycle Speedometer

  • Items Available: There are wired and wireless speedometer for cyclists
  • Features: Monitor your bikes' speed, distance and riding time
  • Uses and Advantages: Make your sports life more free and comfortable

    Cycling Lights

  • Items Available: There are available head light, and rear flashlight specifically made for cyclists
  • Features: These lighting device are designed for outdoor activities specially cycling
  • Uses and Advantages: These are necessities especially for long rides